Revival Prayer: Humility


Revival is a renewed conviction of sin and repentance, followed by an intense desire to live in obedience to God. It is giving up one’s will to God in deep humility.
– Charles Finney

Pray that God will create a spirit of humility and brokenness among the believers. We cannot expect God to be at work in hearts that are resisting Him at every turn. Tear down every wall that the Enemy has helped you build between you and God and humbly present yourself to God. When we can lay down our pride, He can create within us what we could never create on our own.

For thus says the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy:
I dwell in the high and holy place, and also with those who are contrite and humble in spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite. ~ Isaiah 57:15

But he gives all the more grace; therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” ~James 4:6 

Resist the urge to think of other people who need this word. Look honestly in the mirror and find the ways of pride there and discard them in a holy search for God. God will not revive those who are self-sufficient and proud. To experience revival we must come to see our spiritual bankruptcy and utter dependence on God.