Review: Windows Phone 7, part 1


(A Fabulous Commercial!)

I really wanted an iPhone when they first arrived on the scene, as did the rest of the world. But I waited and was rewarded when the second generation iPhones came out. They were priced a little lower and had more jazzy features. I stood in line on the first day they were available and enjoyed that phone tremendously. In fact, it is still plugged in and on the table right next to me. Even though it’s a bit beaten up. The volume buttons broke off somehow,  the headphone jack has a crack in the case next to it,  and there are a few scratches on the glass. I still cannot bear to sell it or toss it. So I keep it nearby for an occasional game of Angry Birds. The time had come, though, for a new phone.

My first choice was iPhone 4. It seemed a natural to upgrade to this enviable phone. I have friends who have them and I know there is much to be said for them. Although the features are awesome, the ‘coolness’ factor just cannot be beat. Many people claim not to care about this factor, but I think they are just trying to cover it up. Except for my friend Danny who has steadfastly resisted any advances in cell phone technology since 1992. Or my friend Paul who says, “I only want to make calls on  my phone“. I do not relate.

Anyway…  there really is only one reason I did not buy the iPhone 4 and that is money. It just costs too much. If I wanted a smart phone that meant that I had to buy either Blackberry, Android, or Windows 7. Blackberry just wasn’t on my horizon. I’m sure it’s fine, but I simply had no interest in it. Android seemed to be the way to go, and I had friends like Les who recommended it highly. I chose the Samsung Captivate because of only one reason and that is money. Amazon had it listed for .01 … yes… 1 cent. Loving that, I tried to sign up only to discover that this was for new customers only. Since I was upgrading, I was penalized. I do not understand the phone companies (or cable companies, or all the rest of them) who penalize their faithful, loyal customers but reward new folks. This seems backwards. The Captivate was now going to cost a good bit, so I started my search again.

And I decided to buy the Windows Phone 7 because of the money…but that’s not the only reason. As an AT&T customer upgrading I was able to acquire the Samsung Focus for $100. Yes, I had to overcome a general distaste for anything with the name Windows attached to it. Yes, I had to overcome the fear of losing Angry Birds and Words With Friends games. Yes, I had to take the risk that this new phone might go bust and I’d end up with an out of date and app-less device (i.e. Microsoft Kin). After all, as smart and rich as Bill Gates and crew are, they are not beyond making big mistakes. But I decided to bite.

That’s how I got here. In my next post I’ll actually share some things about the phone itself.


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