Review: TORN

Over on my HOPE TODAY tumblr blog I have been offering glimpses of a book chapter by chapter. I think for a while I’m going to do that here, as well. The posts will likely be short, include a quote from the author, and maybe a personal observation.

I’m going to begin with a book I’ve been asked to review by Multnomah. I did receive the book free of charge, and I have been given no instructions on whether or not to make the review positive.

TORN, by Jud Wilhite, was published in 2011. According to his WEBSITE Jud is an author, speaker, and senior pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. As a teenager he wrestled with addiction for several years before surrendering his life to God. Out of that experience Jud dedicated his life to help others who are hurting find healing, and to do it through the local church. Central is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. There is much more about him on his website and I encourage you to take a look around there.

From the introduction…

Sometimes, in the midst of it all, we are tempted to doubt God’s goodness – or at least his goodness to us. Sure, he may be a good God, we think, but obviously we’re receiving some sort of payback for the wrongs we’ve done or for the good things we’ve left undone. Perhaps God is getting even with us for a botched marriage, our mediocre parenting, or the abortion we never told anyone about. … Some of us turn from the faith altogether. … As I turned to the Bible in my pain, I was surprised to discover that God’s response to this question is unlike anything the philosophers or I would expect. ~ Jud Wilhite

Thus begins the journey through this interesting book. You can follow Jud on Twitter and on Facebook.

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