Review: The Real Heaven: It’s Not What You Think

Books about heaven are popular, and rightly so. I’m sure not every book about heaven is to be equally received, though. Most of the books about people going to heaven and coming back to tell us about it are … forgive me … to be received with skepticism. They are filled with misinformation about the things we do know about. Some are New Age teachings that undiscerning Christians have embraced without paying attention to what the Bible says. Even the Apostle Paul, when he returned from the ‘third heaven’ was unable to write what he had seen.  (‘He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell.‘ 2 Corinthians 12:4). If he couldn’t, then I have doubts about anyone else being able.

I understand why we want to know about heaven. I was raised among Christians and as far as I know I have always believed in a place called heaven. When our son died three years ago, my interest in heaven was intensified. It is likely that all of us have someone we hope to see again after this life ends. But there are questions.

What will be in heaven? What age will our bodies be? What happens after we die? Will we know everything in heaven? Will animals be in heaven? Can we know we are going to heaven?

Great questions. Joe Beam and Lee Wilson’s book, The Real Heaven, does a great job of answering these questions and many more. I like this book particularly because in the answers there is an appeal to a Scripture. It’s not a book of dreams, speculations, fascinating fantasies … it is a book that wants us to look at THE book, the Bible.

A few quotes I liked…

A basic look at biblical references to the righteous dead shows that they are not unaware or censored from the events of our world. (p. 41)

We can have a very good idea of what the New Earth will be like because the Bible tells us about the earth before sin’s contamination…God will restore everything. (p. 71)

I’m convinced death has not stolen our pets forever, just as it has not stolen our family members and friends who has passed away. God’s plan is to reunite all of His creation… (p. 90)

None of our accomplishments on this earth mean anything at all if we are not on God’s side when the day of judgment comes….Live this life so that you will be with Jesus in Heaven. (p. 99)

First Edition: The Real Heaven: It’s Not What You Think
Revised and Expanded Edition: THE TRUE HEAVEN: Not What You Thought, Better Than Expected!

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