Review: Rick & Bubba’s Guide To Marriage

Looking for marriage advice from a man’s perspective? Then you might want to check out Rick & Bubba’s Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage.


As one might expect from the title, this is a book filled with humor about marriage. They begin at the beginning, writing about relationships before marriage and during the wedding. Most of the book, however, is about the ongoing give and take of the marriage relationship.

The self-proclaimed “sexiest fat men in America” really do have a serious commitment to marriage. In the introduction of the book they write, “…Marriage wasn’t meant to be perfect. It was to teach us how to love an imperfect person perfectly.”  There are many moments when the humor is set aside so that some realistic and needful information is shared.

…God wants us to be good forgivers, knowing full well that we ourselves have been forgiven.

Your anniversary comes only once a year, so don’t miss this opportunity to rekindle the romance and remind yourselves how much you mean to each other.

If your wife is hurt, embarrassed, or upset over a “funny” remark you made, you’re probably not doing comedy.

Remember, too, that one day when your children are grown and on their own, it’ll be just the two of you once again. You’re goin to have to actually converse with that person sitting across from you at the breakfast table. So don’t let him or her become a stranger.

These tidbits of wisdom are neatly tucked away inside a very funny book that will have you smiling in no time. The chapters are full of stories from Rick and Bubba’s marital experiences. Bubba’s wife Betty and Rick’s wife Sherri also make several appearances in the book. Every chapter has something humorous, especially the insets that carry such titles as:

Surefire Ways for Guys to Know She’s The One

Top Ten Things Not To Say on the Way to Your Honeymoon (For example: “If I speed a little, we could still catch the second half of the game!”)

Worst Ways to Say “I’m Sorry” (“Honey, I am sorry I said I didn’t like the dinner. All I meant was it just wasn’t as good as my mom’s.”)

Baby Names when the Mom Chooses (Harrison, Chancelor, Tyler, Preston), Baby Names when the Dad Chooses (Brock, Earnhardt, Buck, Brick, Killer)

If you are looking for a therapy-style book on marriage, keep going. But if you are looking for some thoughts on marriage couched in some good clean manly humor, then you’ll enjoy this book. There is also a bonus CD of Rick & Bubba that comes with the book.

I have never heard Rick &  Bubba on the radio, but they have a large listening audience. If you want to know when they are on in your area, you can check THEIR WEBSITE for more information about this and much more.

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