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Life Is So GoodLife Is So Good by George Dawson
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I have so many books I want to read that when a friend gives me a book to read, I am usually reluctant. It’s true I was this time also. But I trusted the friend and began to read. I’m so glad I did.

Richard Glaubman, an elementary school teacher in Washington State, was reading the newspaper at his table when he ran across a story of a man who learned to read at age 98. He told his class about this man and they had lots of questions. So he decided to call George Dawson, and that set in motion the events that resulted in Life Is So Good.

Reading about the life of George Dawson was revealing of the history of race relations in the South during the past century. There was something about Dawson that touched my heart. The way he talked about those who mistreated him, the perseverance of spirit that never allowed anyone to steal his true self, and the revelation toward the end of the book that demonstrated both his growth and the growth of his writing partner, Richard Glaubman.

I think most anyone would be enriched by reading this amazing life story. For many people today, to understand the conditions and boundaries of growing up impoverished and Black in Mississippi and Texas during the past century – there’s a lot to learn about the struggles of that journey. Dawson doesn’t complain about it, but he does reveal it in honesty and grit. But it’s also a family story. The principles of living he learned from his father gave him the strength to be a man committed to hard work, wisdom, honesty, and how those qualities guided him through the maze of the Jim Crow era.

Dawson’s story is a testament to perseverance and hope. I highly recommend this book to anyone, young or old. It is inspirational and instructive. Thanks, Keith, for sending me a book and encouraging me to read it. I’m glad it’s not in my too-large ‘to-read’ book pile.

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  1. Thanks John

    I love books and it struck me when I read it how different my life would be if I could not read! It is worth reading because Life is Good!!

    Keith S

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