Review: Grieve Like A Man

A few months ago I picked up GRIEVE LIKE A MAN by Jonathan Fann. I’ve been blogging through the chapters at my Hope Today blog (dedicated to writings and reflections about grief). I highly recommend it as an excellent resource. I think it was a good time for me, personally, to read this book.

Jonathan Fann has done a masterful job of intertwining the story of his experiences with grief and those of others he has known. He has written eleven chapters, each one presenting a distinct way that men, in particular, may grieve.

I think this book is especially helpful for men because there is not a lot of information / writings about grief directed at men. (I’m looking forward to the Grieving Dads book to finally come out soon!) I do believe women could read it and gain a lot, particularly if there is a grieving man in their family.

Grieve Like a Man is a book written from a Christian perspective, and it offers some Scriptural guidance but it is not a Bible study book. There are some discussion questions at the end of each chapter, so it may be useful for a group. You can scan through my Hope Today blog for quotes from each chapter.

I see from Mr. Fann’s website that he and his wife are available for speaking engagements. I wish them well, for I feel the spirit of his presentation and the unique material would be a blessing.