Review: Church Mergers

Church Mergers: A Guidebook for Missional ChangeChurch Mergers: A Guidebook for Missional Change by Thomas G Bandy
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This is a five-star book if you are looking for information on the subject of church mergers. Bandy and Brooks give extensive information about the various components that must be faced when churches merge. Mergers are becoming more common as we live in the post-Christian era.

The subtitle is “A Guidebook for Missional Change” and that is the theme of the merger discussion in this book. It has to be about the mission of God or it’s bound to fail.

“The members cannot be the mission. The mission lies out in the community” (p. 200).

“Merger is really about people, not property; about discipleship, not money; and about following Christ to bless the world, rather than gathering in a building to bless ourselves” (p. 203).

My favorite quote from the book was on page 204: “Finally, it is essential for church leaders and members to know that mergers are never perfect. All problems will not be solved. All theological questions will not be answered. Occasional deficits will not disappear. All stressors will not be resolved. A church merger will not achieve the Realm of God on earth. It is simply a merger. It is profoundly a merger. It is a fresh opportunity to follow Christ in a world that is still as troubled as it was before.”

I am reading through this book a second time, noting the highlights. I must confess that I wore out three highlighters reading this book. It is confrontational when it needs to be, contains examples of mergers, and is plain spoken about how difficult the merger process is.

Excellent material I highly recommend.

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