Relax … it’s Saturday


Hope from Hope Is Emo

Things have been all serious and blogging about current events around here lately. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s Saturday! Let’s have a smile and relax today. I’ve watched all of the Hope Is Emo videos and I can tell you that I laughed out loud at every one of them. Of course I get it, and not everybody does. (That was a very Hope statement, by the way).

What would happen if you took a roll of stamps, 100 companies and sent them a letter asking for free stuff from their company? That’s what Tom Locke did. He records the responses on his website located HERE.

Enjoy some smooth acappella sounds put down by my friends Bill Collins, Will Collins, Ryan Stohldrier, and Matt Austin. They are also known as Altar. Check out their MySpace page HERE. Will Collins’ reflective song about Judas is on the site now. I have always thought it was hauntingly written. Oh, did I mention they are getting together a new CD? I want to be first in line to buy one. It’ll be a while, though.

67 Air Cooled is a blog I like to look at from time to time. I do not understand a word on it, but the person who creates this blog is in love with VWs of all kinds. Great pictures for car enthusiasts!

I talked to Byron tonight….a friend who confessed to me on the phone tonight he does not read my blog. Even worse, he said he did read it once, but that was it. OK, so maybe it was an off day. Anyway, since he does not read my blog, I feel free to mention his name here and say things about him. He’s a good guy.

Terry Rush likes American Idol.

Well, ever since Angie sent us LOST, we’ve been getting in an episode or two whenever we could. I have a spiteful DVD player. It waits until crucial moments in movies and then freezes. I don’t know if it overheats or what … but it is terribly irritating. I have resisted buying another one because at first I blamed the DVDs! Tonight we are on disc 6 – the last episode of the first season. We are watching one of those vital moments where we learn something new about the mysterious island. Suddenly in mid-sentence everything comes to a halt. So I am letting it rest while I blog. I am about to go watch the last moments of LOST season one. It’s an awesome show.

Take a look at these cool morphing animations.

What’s the best score you can make on the HELICOPTER GAME?

Maybe you’re good at MAZES.

Well, it’s Saturday. We need to chill a bit … just do something fun for a change … smile a bit … and not put on socks for the day. Won’t we be refreshed tomorrow? Thanks for reading!

Have a laugh on Mark Lowry on the way out…




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