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Yesterday at Forsythe we had Youth Sunday. It was a great day! I enjoyed so much seeing our young men and women serving during the morning gathering. The teens performed well as greeters, prayer leaders, song leader, communion servers, and preacher. What a great experience for all of them … and for us. I taught my final class in the 24 Hour Christianity series. What’s next? I’m not sure yet.

In today’s The News-Star, there is a fantastic article about a local Mennonite community. Georgiann Potts has written a great piece called Fueled By Faith. The impetus behind writing the article is the loss of a well known Lake Providence bakery owned and operated by Mennonites. I echo Ms. Potts’ love for these people who are so gentle, yet so aggresive in serving others. Take the time to read it, you’ll be blessed. Locals can watch for my letter to the editor, which should be published in the next few days.

Has it occurred to anyone that the Republican Party is funding Ralph Nader to run for President ? He certainly seems to syphoon off some Democratic votes, some even blame him for Al Gore’s presidential run loss. But who votes for this guy any more? I mean, what is the potential that he could win? As is noted HERE, that’s good news for John McCain. Both Obama and Clinton have expressed dismay at Nader’s re-entry into the race.

In my own personal Internet maturation I have outgrown chatrooms and instant messenger clients. On the instant messenger front, I never could get all of my friends on one IM, so I had to start up Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, and MSN … by the time I did all that I was ready to get off of the computer. Some years ago Cerulean Studios came out with a product called Trillian. Finally, a way to start up all of those instant messenger clients. Unhappily, though, it was buggy and did not run well on my system, so I just uninstalled it and forgot about it. Recently it came to my attention again and I decided to give it another go. They have improved it greatly and I’m enjoying once again having some off-the-cuff conversations with friends when I have opportunity. If you decide to give it a try, add my name. I promise that if I can’t talk at the moment I’ll just ignore you. How’s that? You ignore me as well … we’re all too busy to field instant messages all day long. But if it’s a good time for a break, it is a lot of fun. 

I love the Diet Blog. There’s so much information in this timely blog. There are posts like Five Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working and Are Fat People More Extroverted? The comments for each post can get pretty lively also. When you start talking about weight you are getting mighty personal. My weight loss plan has been derailed by being on the road for the past month and eating out too much. I’m going to curb that … but there’s also the eating because of stress.

Did I mention that Maggy and I are both stressed to our wit’s end with the house renovations? When we had volunteers working in our home we never felt bad if something they did was less than perfect. We were just grateful for the help and without them we could not have moved back into our home. But when you PAY someone to do the work, and they CLAIM to be professionals, you somehow expect professional results. That’s not happening. When I walked into my house this afternoon I wanted to turn around and get in the van and drive back to Monroe. Pray for us.

Speaking of stress, this morning I dropped my iPod on the concrete at Forsythe. After that the computer didn’t even recognize anything was plugged in … it’s gone to the great Apple cemetery in the sky. So I was suddenly faced with a great life changing decision. Of course I’m not talking about whether or not to replace my iPod, that question is moot. After listening to the RADIO all the way home from Monroe, I knew I had to move fast. However, should I go with iPod classic (now up to 80 gig – wow!) or iPod touch. iPod touch is SOOOOO cool … I mean, if I had one of those I would be impressed with myself. The only thing I couldn’t get impressed about was the nearly $500 price tag. Ouch. Still, I could get the one with less gigs for $400 … still an ouch. Hey, I was happy with iPod classic, and I would be again. So I went against my heart, and stuck with my head on the matter. It’s now uploading all my songs and podcasts so that on my next road trip I’ll be good to go. Actually I listen to my iPod all night (soft relaxing music), on trips, walking, in a lot of settings. This morning I woke up too early and listened to a good sermon by Wade Hodges before I even started my day. I wouldn’t want to take a test on the sermon, but it was a good way to get my mind in the right place.

Tomorrow we will be at my daughters and enjoying the grandchildren. I would like for you to say a prayer for my stepdad. He has had some fluid buildup on his lungs that was making breathing difficult. He is doing some better since they removed the fluid.

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