Re-Charge Your Faith Every Day



Re-Charge Your Faith With Everyday Choices!
Hebrews 13:1-16

Faith is more than intellectual decisions or even spiritual decisions – it has to find its way into our everyday lives.  Hebrews 11 begins with assurance and confidence. Hebrews 12 ends with the unshakable kingdom. (vs. 28-29). As a people who worship God and are committed to Jesus Christ – how does that impact our everyday decisions and choices?

Hebrews ends with a variety of applications of the life of faith that trusts God with all we see, and has assurance for all we cannot see.

Love Your Brothers (13:1). The perfect expression of God’s love is the sending of his Son to be our Savior (John 3:16). He comes to save us while we are in rebellion as his sinful enemies (Romans 5:8–10). There is nothing more central to the Christian faith than understanding the cross as an act of unselfish, gracious love for all men and women. An intended result of God’s expression of love for us is the creation of a community of loving people.  Christians are to be loving persons in imitation of their loving Father.  The church is to be characterized by genuine, active concern for fellow members and for the community in which they live.  Jesus is our example in loving our brothers (Hebrews 2:11-12).  Jesus’ love is accepting of us in spite of our failures and problems – and this is how we are to accept one another. This love from God is not reserved for us alone.

Have Compassion on the Needy (Hebrews 13:2­3). Hospitality = Love of strangers. Travelers in the ancient world depended on brothers in Christ to house them on their journeys. Hospitality to angels w/out knowing evokes the story of Lot in the city of Sodom. Lot opened his home to strangers whom he encountered at the city gate (Genesis 19:1–3).  What are some modern ways to show hospitality to strangers? To those we know and love?  Could we still entertain angels today? Isn’t the point of this that we should reach out as if those around us WERE angels in need of our help?

Prisoners and the mistreated. Those ‘mistreated’ … Who in our society as the ‘mistreated’? What does it mean “to remember” them? What if it were just to listen? To be available? Express empathy? Here is a version of the Golden Rule.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. ~Matthew 7:12

Honor Your Marriage (4). Love our spouses faithfully. The marriage bed is the only place designed for God’s gift of sexuality. Adulterers and the sexually immoral will be judged
by God. The opposite message is expressed in today’s world: any romantic attraction must lead to a sexual encounter. This is no longer expected in our culture, but it should be evident among Christians.

Trust God, Not Money (Hebrews 13:5-6). Love God’s provision and presence in our life, rather than trusting money. Practice contentment because God is with you and will never leave you! (Quoting Psalm 118:6)

Work With Your Leaders (7, 8, 17). Love those who provide spiritual leadership. They teach you the Word of God. They demonstrate the Word of God in their life. Verse 8 – the power of Jesus is demonstrated in the life of the leaders, those who imitate them, and those who follow.  They will give an account, so they keep a watch over the flock (17). We are to make their work a joy, not a burden (17)

Where do we get the power to live this way? Let your heart be strengthened by Grace (9-14). Keeping the law will not strengthen your hearts. We have two choices:

*Stay in the city and worship at the temple.

*Or go outside the city to the cross. An altar – a place of worship. A sacrifice – making us holy through his blood. A city – that is yet to come. Grace leads us to sacrifice (15-16). The sacrifice of praise. The sacrifice of doing good for others. (Note: I know the notes here are not very clear, the audio is much more expressive. jd)

The faith of Hebrews 11 and 12 leads us to live the life of Hebrews 13!

Re-Charge your faith by living the daily life to which Christ leads us.

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