Rainy Saturday on the Coast

It’s a cool and rainy Saturday on the Coast. I haven’t ventured out. I have done some work around the house that’s been wiating on me. I’ve been fine tuning my sermon and want to do some more on that.  The past week or so Maggy and I have been watching LOST thanks to Angie Burns. We’re on the fifth disc of season one. Fantastic show! Maybe we’ll watch a few of those episodes today. Maggy has a pot of home made soup on the stove and it’s just the right weather for it.

Jerry Flowers, Kevin Farris, and Greg Williams of the Hillsboro Church of Christ in Nashville will be coming down tomorrow to do some evangelistic work in our community for the week. We have classes each night next week with Danny Dodd and Gary Kirkendall doing the teaching. The website advertising this outreach is HERE. Pray for these efforts to be fruitful and for people to come to know Jesus and gain a new family in the process.

In preparation for this several of our members are calling a set of those we have served. We should have about 300 calls made before tomorrow afternoon. Ann Lane also accumulated a longer list of people we have contacted since the storm. Sixteen hand written pages of contacts is what we have to work with. So far, the calls into our neighborhoods have received stellar responses with people expressing interest in Central Church of Christ … the people that helped them. I had hoped we would have a crew of people to saturate the neighborhoods to pass out invitations today, but that didn’t happen. We do have the GodThirst study listed in the local newspaper, so the word is out! Pray for us!

In the comments to the last post, the following quote appeared from Bud Garrison: “I want to share the love that I found in that beat up church building.” I think this is the heart of what we are trying to do.


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