Rainy Day Reflections

It’s a rainy day on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. We need the rain, however, and cannot complain! 

Yesterday’s National Day of Prayer service went well. I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the program. The Mississippi Press covered the event HERE. It was good to see many community friends. A man I remembered from the months after the storm came up to me and said, “You know your church is the talk of the town, don’t you?” There were not as many people present as there had been at previous NDOP events, but it was well done.

We are beginning the process of asphalting our parking areas. Yesterday they were graded and this morning we had a thunderstorm. That’s not a great combination of events. I was hoping they can get to it and make it happen before Sunday. However, that is not going to happen. We will have major parking issues this Sunday … even for the Area Wide. I’ll post suggestions on this blog here later for local readers. These are just some of the growing pains we have as we go through each stage. Also, an opening for a door has been knocked out of the South wall of the building. This will be a side entrance into our new fellowship room and will eventually have place to drop off family members in the rain.

The LOVE IN THE MAIL Yahoo Group has been such an encouragement. Each week this group sends a few cards to hurting people that need a lift. It is a ministry of hospitality in that it is an expression of love toward strangers. Since a few of those we have sent cards to are here in Pascagoula, I’ve seen first hand what it means to receive a dozen cards in the mail from all over the place. One lady said she couldn’t wait each day to go out to the mailbox and see what was awaiting her. Cards arrived from Canada and several states. Neva is going to print out the recipient’s addresses and has a ladies Bible class that is going to participate – though most of them do not have internet service. I think it’s an awesome work and I invite you to join in if you haven’t already. I can just imagine someone who is going through a loss or grief or sickness or even an achievement (something positive!) to receive a hundred cards in the mail from strangers. I’d like to see that happen. Currently there are only 15 members, so we have a ways to go to reach 100! It’s a small investment with a great reward!

Several of my friends at Pepperdine have reported an excellent lectureship. They are enjoying great classes, fellowship with old friends, and making new friends. In addition to all the good stuff, my friend Al Sturgeon has been stargazing. Since Al’s blog doesn’t allow linking to individual posts (a fact I’m quite sure is accidental and he may not even realize it), be sure to scan down two or three posts … the last three currently are from Malibu. Donna is having a great time with Terri at the lectures!

There are many preparations being made for Gulf Coast Bible Camp. I will be directing the first session along with friends Steve Martin, Trent Bryant and Camp Manager Byron Smith. This will be my last year in the director’s seat … and really the other guys are steering the ship as we speak. Camp is one of the church’s greatest mission efforts … though it is often underfunded and searching for support. All of the sessions and directors at GCBC are excellent. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about camp as we get closer.


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