Rainy Day in NELA

Autumnrainonpond_animatedIt is a very rainy day in Monroe. We are doing our best to get ready for DISCOVER. We look forward to having a big crowd, great lessons, and a reminder of the awesome fellowship we have in Jesus Christ.

Our new Youth Minister, Wyeth Wright, has his eyes wide open as he has jumped in to help make DISCOVER a success. He is taking lots of notes as he prepares to lead next year’s event. We are very grateful to have he and his family here in Monroe.

Forsythe Church of Christ is moving worship services to Ouachita Christian School for this one Sunday due to the number of out of town guests that will be with us. That’s always a challenge and a blessing.

Once DISCOVER is history for this year, Maggy and I plan to go to the Right Now Conference in Dallas and then take a few days to visit with her mom and try to rest.

I love the Fall and welcome the change in the weather. There is nothing sweeter to me than a hot cup of coffee on a frosty morning. That should be coming soon.

Thanks for reading,