Quick Note…

I encourage you strongly to listen to Ravi Zacharias’ “Postures of the Mind, Affections of the Heart“. It is an address to high school graduates, but it is so inspirational. I wept at the end because of the story at the end of the message … very touching. I bought the CD and will try to get all of our teens to listen to it. You can listen to it free on the website.

Today and tomorrow … and only on the website … all of John Piper’s books are $5 each… don’t miss that! John Piper is an awesome writer and he has several great books here. I recommend wholeheartedly “Hunger For God”, if you’re just going to pick one. It’s on fasting…but so much more.

I noticed that bloggers Patrick Mead and Mike Kjergaard are both vacationing in the same place at the same time. Wonder if they’ll bump into one another? If they get stuck on that island for five years, I wonder if they would make a TV show about them being LOST … and who The Others on the island would be.

A few funnies for you …


The mis-use of Power Point


Drive-Through Rap … watch to the end!

Please read the previous post if you get a chance … this is just a quick insert to let you know about these two items!


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