Questions From The Book of Eli

We recently saw the movie THE BOOK OF ELI. Before you read any further, I have some questions from the movie that could reveal particular plot lines. So I suppose you could consider this a SPOILER ALERT!  However, I waited a while and figure that most people who want to see this movie have seen it by now.

While violent and often profane, I found the spiritual themes running through this film to be deep and very convicting. For those who do not know, Denzel Washington plays the role of Eli, a man walking “West”. He is doing so because he heard a voice from God that instructed him to do so and promised he would be protected in his journey. We join him thirty years after nuclear holocaust. At this time there are few people who remember what life was like “before”. But at some point just prior to the nuclear explosion every Bible was burned. Eli, as we discover, is carrying the last known copy of the Bible. He encounters an evil man who wants the Bible because he wants to use it to control what’s left of humanity and rule over them with the words it contains.

After this profound movie, I was left with several questions that arise from the story.

If I heard a voice that was clearly from God that called me to such a dangerous mission, would I go?

If violent evil and hatred against all that is good were all that were left on this earth, would I willingly walk through it?

Would I have enough faith to follow through with my God-given mission if it took three decades?

Would I excuse myself if I had a disability that would seemingly make my  mission impossible?

Could I be calm and kind in conversation with an enemy who I know would like to kill me?

How do we respond to evil men who use the Bible to manipulate others or to create an authority for themselves? Have I ever done that?

Would I be willing to be violent in order to protect God’s word?

In a post-nuclear world will people be reduced to hatred and murder, or would they bond together following such disaster?

Are the desires for power and control and corruption inescapable parts of the human psyche?

Do our imaginations of a post nuclear existence reveal our real feelings about humanity?

If every Bible in the world were destroyed, of what assistance could I be in helping to recreate it?

Is God really gone when it seems He has disappeared?

How is the world presented in THE BOOK OF ELI any different than the world in which we currently live … aside from appearances?

I’d love to hear your questions, thoughts, reflections from the movie.

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