Everyone likes to win a prize. I think if you took away the prize posts on Facebook you might cut down the traffic by 50%! (Especially those notorious ‘I just won an iPad and you can too!’ scams!) Most contests and prize give-a-ways have one or two prizes and your chances of winning one is pretty slim.

Not so with THE GREAT WORSHIP RESOURCE¬†GIVEAWAY by Proclaim Church Presentation Software. This new approach to presentation software (see video HERE) has a truckload of prizes that all seem very cool. They say there will be “hundreds” of winners. So I’ve entered.

I do think that their idea for the software is a good one. The dilemma that is demonstrated in the video is very real and one that they are trying to address.

As a matter of disclosure, this post gives me another chance to win. But I genuinely think that they are on to something here and I look forward to checking it out.


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