Preachers After Sunday


It’s been a Sunday.

There have been hugs, tears, conversation, songs, prayers and preaching.

For some preachers there have been encouragements and words of blessing.

For some preachers there has been the receiving of cutting remarks and dirty looks.

In anticipation of this day the preacher has studied, read, and done his best to assemble a message from the Bible that might be a help or a needed admonishment to the congregation.

The preacher has prayed for those who assemble, and those who just can’t seem to make that a priority.

The preacher has talked too long, sang too loud, smiled too hard, greeted too many, loved too much, and walked away from the church building alone.

And he loved every minute of it.

But now … after Sunday … he questions his approach. Maybe he should have re-written that sermon one more time.

After Sunday he can’t understand why he is so washed out emotionally.

After Sunday he declares to himself that he will work harder this week and craft a message that will be a better blessing than the one today.

After Sunday he tries not to reflect on the ones who didn’t show up, who didn’t seem interested, and who didn’t seem to regard his efforts as worthy of their time.

After Sunday he will think about the spiritual warfare involved in preaching the Word of God … and depend on God to give him victory.

After Sunday he reminds himself that the church is not his, and he is not the Savior of the church. That role has been filled.

After Sunday he remembers a mentor long ago saying, ‘never quit on a Monday‘.

After Sunday he’ll make it through Monday and the cycle will begin again.


After Sunday … Sometime during the week … a fire will catch hold in his heart and he will once again smile as looks forward to Sunday.

At that place he came to a cave, and spent the night there. Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” ~From 1 Kings 19

Thanks for reading. Please do not see this as a plea for encouragements – I’m blessed with a good supply of love and encouragement. But most of us preacher types have to spend a little time in the cave after our time in before God’s people … it is likely needful. Thanks for reading. JD

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