Praying the Beatitudes

1.28.14Father, I settle my thoughts in Your majestic presence and look inside my heart. I realize that even I am deceived and cannot see the depths You see. Thank you for saving me, rescuing me from my own sin. Thank you for giving me Your word, that demonstrates both my need for You and in what areas I need to grow.

Help me God to place Your kingdom as a priority above all of my own intentions, self-righteousness, thoughts, and rights. I desire Your kingdom to focus my attention away from myself.

Break my heart to grieve and sorrow over the sin that cost Jesus so dearly. Only in Your grace can I find comfort.

Grant me the ability, Lord, to use the passions and strengths You have given me without becoming prideful and convinced of my own power. You will give me the victories that You desire me to have.

Create within me an insatiable hunger for the faith to live for You as I face all of my decisions and struggle through my dilemmas. Through the strength of Jesus  – and only Jesus – I come before You to be filled.

Direct my attention to the hurting, the defeated, and the depressed. Do not allow me to be arrogant or dismissive of them … but to express the joy of Your love to them. And on the days when I am low, my Abba, I will depend on You to lift me.

Remind me, Lord, that it is not too late to cleanse my heart through the power of the blood of your Son Jesus. Help me not to love the sin of this world, but to be aware of my weakness so that I can always look toward You for strength in the moment of temptation.

When my temper flares, Almighty God, call me to bow in your shadow and trust You to bring Your own justice. Release me, Lord, in Your name to make peace as one of Your children.

I know that You know how deeply it hurts to do what is right and to experience unfair pain because of it. This reminds me, God, to long for a new home One Day.

Help me to remember Your servants, the Prophets. Whatever I experience is light compared to the way they were treated.

Lord I want to have a spirit of joy and gladness because a reward awaits that I cannot even imagine. As I look over these thoughts … inspired by the Beatitudes … I’m humbled, amazed, surprised, gladdened that you would want to save someone like me.  Thank you for the insight into the kind of character You are developing within me. I yield to you Holy Spirit. I trust in you Savior Jesus. I love you Father. Amen.

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