Praise Him for Answers (16)


Guest Post by Courtney Brasher

Text is John 6; Prayer Text for today is Psalm 65-66

The stage is set in John 6: Jesus arrived on the other side of the Sea of Galilee followed by a large crowd. The people had seen the miracles he had performed and were curious about what this man would do next. In a test, Jesus turned to Philip and asked how they were to feed the people. Philip replied with a pragmatic answer, estimating how much money it would take to not even feed the whole crowd. Most know the answer to the question Jesus posed – from 5 loaves and 2 fish, Jesus fed the multitude.

How many times have we stood in the place of the impossible? How many times have we allowed our human minds to seek a pragmatic response to a supernatural need? How many times have we petitioned The Lord for something truly only he could provide? For each of us, our impossible situation is unique and multi-faceted, yet His attention to each of our needs is just the same: 100%. He holds the answer for every seemingly impossible situation, whether it be depression, grief, finances, your marriage, illness, addiction, the list is endless. Our sin-filled world delivers many blows that knock us to our knees. I picture the disciples talking frantically to each other trying to come up with a solution to feed the hungry crowd. Jesus himself posed the question that was on everyone’s mind, yet no one was asking of HIM. How often do we turn to our brothers and sisters in Christ, asking for advice regarding our impossible situations? How often do we listen to the still, small voice whispering gently, “Just ask me”? How can we praise Him for answers when we don’t even ask the questions?

Let’s be real for a moment…sometimes the answer we want is not the answer we desired most. Two years ago, I received a phone call relaying  that my dad (at 58) was unconscious in my parents’ front yard, and was told the situation did not look good. I immediately reached out to those close to me, rallying them to pray. I have never prayed so intently for anything in my entire life. Before my father’s earthly body crumpled to the ground, he was standing in the presence of The Lord. In that moment, my new question could have been “why God? Nothing good will come from this!” But my question became, “God, please show me how you can be glorified through even this.” I became reminded of Truth – His answers – “O how deep are God’s riches, and wisdom, and knowledge! How unfathomable are his decisions and unexplainable are his ways!” (Romans 11:33) and “and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Romans 8:28). His answer to me: “I’m still God, I still have a plan.” Now THERE is a reason to rejoice! Even when the answer is unknown or God appears to be silent, we can rest in knowing He IS the answer.

Do you need joy? He is the answer. Do you need healing? He is the answer. Do you need forgiveness? He is the answer. Do you need direction? He is the answer. Do you need hope? He is the answer. Do you need rest? He is the answer. Dear ones, do you see the pattern? HE IS the answer! In every situation, in every tribulation, He is the one who saves, rescues, and delivers. What impossible question are you needing to ask Him as this year closes and a new one begins? What have you been examining through a pragmatic lens that in turn needs a heavenly perspective? Seek Him. Praise Him. He is here.

 Courtney Brasher (pictured left, with her mother on the right), has just completed another Thanksgiving season praising God for His answers. Employed as a counselor at First West Counseling Center in West Monroe, Louisiana, she is honored to be able to point others to The One is the answer for any situation they are facing and loves rejoicing with them as their answer is revealed.

I am so grateful for her testimony of faith and the contribution to this series of prayer posts. JD