Prayer for Windy Times

There are times when it seems that the troubles of our friends multiply and we seek to be of help and strength. Often, though, we find that there are no real answers and the solutions to these troubles are out of reach. We desire to fix it … to alleviate the suffering and struggles of our loved ones. The more we try to help, the farther the resolution.

I was reading through some writings in Elizabeth Goudge’s A Diary of Prayer and found this prayer. It encourages what we all know to be the only real answer when we are in pain.

O Savior Christ, we beseech thee, when the wind is boisterous, and our faith weak, and we begin to sink even as we would fain come to thee on the water, stretch forth thy hand, O Lord, as of old to thy fearful disciple, and say to the sea of our difficulties, Peace be still; for thy holy Names’ sake. – Dean Vaughan

Whenever I’ve preached about Peter’s walking on the water I’m tempted to find the humor in the situation. I think there is something that makes us smile in the impetuous demand of Peter, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” … only to see him flailing in the waves in a few moments. But that can cause us to overlook the real terror that must have been his experience.

Walking with Christ in our lives does not necessarily diminish the fears that come from seeing the swelling waves of life’s most painful moments around us. Even if Jesus rescues us from the fearsome threat before us, it is always with an realization that the cross is yet ahead. The waves that got the best of Peter weren’t the only waves he would face in his life, but each time he faced them, even when he failed, there was a Savior pulling him towards peace.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”7a74b” via=”yes” ]And so we join in prayer and ask for peace when the winds are boisterous and our faith weak. @johndobbs[/ctt]

And so we join in prayer and ask for peace when the winds are boisterous and our faith weak.. Our willing Savior awaits our call.                                                                                   

Thanks for reading, JD.