Prayer For God to Send Me! (19)


Guest Post Today by Cecil May, III

~ Prayer Text for Today is Isaiah 6 ~

Today, I want to pray like Isaiah. I visit his chapter six.

Before I pray a word…

I see God enthroned in all his glory.

I listen as the seraphim shout of his holiness.

In awe, I confess under my breath that I am unworthy to be here, before his throne in prayer.

Yet, I feel the holy burn of atonement and the release of guilt. I have not defiled this space by coming here. Instead, it has cleansed me.

With a growing comfort of belonging, I wait in prayer. Then the enjoyable waiting takes on a new and growing tension. I begin to perceive a call to duty – no, to blessed opportunity – to serve the glorious, holy Lord.

There is an audible, “Who? Who will go?” As much as I would like to stay here forever in this experience of frightening safety, before I can stop the word I know is about to pass my lips, I let go the loudest word of my prayer up till now; “Me! Send me!”

My Isaiah prayer time is coming to its conclusion, for I am told to “Go.”

I do have questions. What if the service I offer is refused and rejected? The answer comes. It turns out rejection is an expected response. So, then, how long should I continue in what I have been sent to do? Even when the cities lie in waste, even when the land is desolate, when the the land has been scorched, then, more than ever before, a message of hope is needed. God’s servant never stops serving. When the last tree on the landscape is burning, and it topples to the ground in ashes, there in the smoldering stump will be found the holy seed.

Like the messenger Isaiah, all of God’s ministers of hope must hope until hope is fulfilled. If we tire, or get discouraged, we can always return for empowerment to the place of prayer, to see, hear, and feel the awesomeness of God.

And go out renewed.


C3Cecil May, III and his wife Patti live in Fulton, Kentucky. He is the minister for the Parkway Church of Christ and she educates young children in the local school system. They are an active part of the community. Cecil’s ventures into the community include Rotary Club, Habitat for Humanity, and supporting a number of local outreaches. His articles can be found here on an irregular basis.