Prayer Persistence (28)


~ Guest Post by Ted Hook Knight ~

Prayer Text for Today is Luke 11:1-13

In this text the disciples ask the Lord, “Lord, teach us to pray as John taught his disciples to pray.” We are not told why the disciples felt the need to learn how to pray, but their request is certainly to be admired. In fact, I can think of few requests, if any, which might be more important and beneficial to a disciple’s life than to ask for help from the Lord to learn how to pray. Prayer is that power that affords us the blessing of transcending the earth and communicating with God and that is an awesome power to possess.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that Jesus taught them was not so much in the words which He said, but in teaching them the importance of being persistent in prayer. Maybe they were like us. We seem to be in such a hurry and we want answers right now and answers which are in accord with our wishes and needs. Then, if the response is not just the way that we feel it should be, we give up and move on, wrongfully thinking that the Lord has ignored our plea. That is surely as sad mistake.

Jesus uses the man who needs bread to feed an unexpected guest. The friend whom he approaches in the late night tells him that he and his children are in bed and he cannot get up and give him bread. I love these words in Lk. 11:8: “I say to you, even if he will not get up and give him something because he is his friend; because of his troublesome persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs” (English Study Bible). Then he talks to them about asking, seeking, and knocking, and assures them that their persistence will pay off.

Friends, it is a sad mistake to give up too quickly on prayer. I could cite several personal experiences where I believe with all of my heart, God answered prayers for me because of my persistence. Perhaps you have had the same experience. It is at the point of discouragement that we must pray more fervently and never give up. We may be assured that God will answer our prayers! No doubt about it. Don’t quit too soon. In fact, just don’t quit praying persistently at all.

“We cannot pray more prayers than God can hear and answer.”

1010579_1380632842211172_2071156188_nTed Hook Knight has been associated with the Levy Church of Christ in North Little Rock, AR since 1966. He speaks in Gospel Meetings throughout the United States and also travels to Romania on mission journeys. He is married to Barbara, whom he refers to as “My Lady”. You can follow him on Facebook HERE, where you will be challenged and encouraged.