Prayer Journals

I’m a great beginner, but my perseverance level needs help. I have started prayer journals many times. Keeping up with them, however, is another story. My experience has been a mostly irregular one, and I’d like to change that.

While going through a file on prayer to prepare for a sermon I came across an article from 1997 I clipped from the magazine Pray! The author is Bradley Baurain. ┬áThere are some excellent ideas in this article I’d like to share with you.

– Set a Pattern. Decide if you want to write at a regular time and in the same place, or carry it with you to use whenever you have opportunity.

– Record Praise and Intercession. As prayerful people know, there will be times to thank God for answering our prayers as we hoped He would. Also, there will be an ongoing need to pray on behalf of others. Baurain suggests leaving a space after each person/situation on your prayer list so that you can later write in God’s answer.

– Include Personal Worship. There are some permanent prayer items – some things that will always need to be in our prayers and those should be on a special page. Expressing your prayers by writing them out can be a personal way to worship God in prayer. Some of those can be meditations on Bible passages.

– Store Treasures. Along the way you will come across sayings, thoughts, insights that relate to prayer. Write them in a special section of your journal.

– Review. Go back and look at previous entries from time to time. Baurain makes an excellent suggestion when he encourages,

“…set aside one or more journal pages for reflections on the impact of prayer in yoru Christian experience. How has God used prayer in your life? How has prayer deepened your walk with God?”

A prayer journal can enhance our spiritual journey in significant ways. It takes discipline – I know I struggle to do this regularly. Would love to hear your ideas about prayer journals and your experience with this practice in the comments.

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(This is a summary of Bradley Baurain’s article. If you want to read the article you can go to the Pray! Magazine site, create a free account and read it there. jd)

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