Prayer for God’s Armor (35)


~ Guest Post by Steve Hemphill ~

Prayer Text for Today is Ephesians 6:10-20

Spiritual armor is important. Ephesians 6 is famous for it, and we’ve all heard sermons on it. But here’s a question that most people can’t answer: once your dressed in all the items listed there, what does THAT CHAPTER say you should do? (Hint: if you know the answer, you know where the true POWER lies in the life of the Christian.) Most people DON’T know the answer. If you don’t, READ ON!

Wear truth like a belt. Let truth permeate every aspect of your life as you spread the aroma of Christ wherever you go. No sweat. We all remember that one. Truth is important. If you aren’t wearing truth—if it isn’t a part of your nature—then lies will deceive you.

Put on the shoes of peace. Let peace carry you through life’s many trials and problems. Otherwise war—the opposite of peace—will fill your waking hours. Nobody wants that.

Everybody remembers the shield of faith. Faith is the key. Baptism without faith is just getting wet. Works without faith are self-serving. Obedience without faith makes God a taskmaster, and nothing more. Faith changes all these things into worship, and ultimately, into a life filled with hope.

The helmet of salvation is important to protect your mind because that’s the part of you that makes daily decisions that either bring you closer to God or take you further away from Him. Be sure to make good ones.

The last piece of armor is the ONLY offensive one: the sword of truth, the Word of God. His Words are so powerful. He SPOKE the world and the planets and the stars into existence! There is NOTHING else like God’s Word. Value it. Learn it. Live by it.

Now what? Now that you’re all dressed up for the battle, what do you do? I’ve never heard a sermon that discussed that. Yet it’s right there in the last three verses of Ephesians 6: P- R-A-Y. Prayer IS the battle. Everyone can do that. You can do it if you’re 8 or 88 or 108. You can do it if you’re deaf, mute, and blind. Easy as pie. But be careful about the words you use, because you Christians are children of the living God, and YOUR words are powerful too! What you bind on earth is bound in heaven! What you loose on earth is loosed in heaven! What you say goes! (Assuming you are focused on GOD’S kingdom instead of your own!) Get-R-Done! You get the idea.

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