Prayer Changes You


Let me tell you there is no higher calling. When you pray, you have reached the throne…your life will count for God for time and eternity. You may not consider yourself to be a strong person of prayer now, but if you offer yourself, God will fashion you. ~Derek Prince,  Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

I’ve been reading through Derek Prince’s book called Secrets of a Prayer Warrior. I am not very far along in it yet, but he has drawn me into a great consideration of the spiritual nature of prayer.

So often we give up in prayer because nothing changes. Who hasn’t wondered if prayer is accomplishing anything at all? Maybe we think the greatest testimonies of prayer involve a need that was prayed for and *boom* it happened! Those stories are thrilling and encouraging.

But I think a better testimony of prayer is that we saw a need, we prayed, and God changed us. When prayer changes ME, it has done it’s most powerful work. We have been in the presence of the One who controls the universe. It is not our goal to try to get Him to change His mind about things, it is our goal to change our minds to align with Him.

It is in prayer that God works so effectively to change me. I can tell when I have neglected my prayers. My faith meter starts to send an ’empty’ signal! Prayer loses interest … I dismiss the thought easily.

But when I am attentive to my prayer life I begin to see the world through different eyes. I can tell it in my preaching. I can feel myself being drawn into more time of prayer.

I confess an ongoing struggle to maintain a regimented prayer life, but I also confess a deeply held conviction that this is the very power source of our life in the Son. One reason so many people remain in the malaise of a numbed religion is that they have not given themselves to prayer.  Prayer takes our eyes off of ourselves and our cynical oversensitive opinions and places vision upon the glory of God! That changes a person!

I encourage you to continue on in prayer even when you become discouraged in it. You are near to God, and He has work to do in your heart. Don’t keep Him from it!

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