Why I Pray for the Robertsons


I find myself praying for the Robertsons and it’s not because they are the stars of the  popular television show Duck Dynasty. It’s not because I’m close personal friends with the family. I’ve met some of them and I respect them, but I wouldn’t claim to be close to any of them on a personal level. I am not moved to pray because I stand with them on everything that they have been quoted as saying – I don’t.  I’m not even praying for them because they live nearby and attend the same brand of church I do! The reasons I feel moved to pray for the Robertsons?

They are my brothers and sisters in Christ. We serve the same Lord and have our faith firmly planted in the promises of His word. So, while we don’t hang out together or socialize, we are kin in Jesus and I desire to pray for them on that basis alone.

They have a platform for testimony that many Christians will never have. When I see them gathered around their table praying at the end of an episode of Duck Dynasty I know that the silliness is over and the reality of who this family is has now been demonstrated. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them praying on Dancing With The Stars recently.  To hear Sadie Robertson say confidently that she wants to share her faith in Christ on network television was a blessing. Their speaking appearances schedule is amazing. I’m grateful for every ear that is hearing the gospel of Christ and for those able to speak it in such a public manner.

They are subject to the temptations of fame and fortune. There can be no question that the Enemy has some new tools in his arsenal to try to trip the Robertson family. We should realize that the Robertsons are not new to Christianity, nor temptation. They are multi-generation family of believers with heritage of strong faith. Not a one of them are perfect, though, and I pray for them as they navigate the waters ahead.

They are subject to the scrutiny of everyone. It’s one thing when ungodly and worldly people have snide and nasty things to say. But the truth is there are Christians who have the same kinds of things to say about them. Whether it is jealousy or judgmentalism, I don’t know. Sometimes we may not regard them as real people because they are on our television sets. But they are real people. They may not make the same decisions you would make, but I’m sure we all have a set of our own dilemmas and problems to work on. In my opinion, for the sake of the testimony, Christians should not criticize them in ways the world can read (particularly in social media). When nonChristian people see us shooting our own, they get an unhappy idea of what Christianity is about.

Their work can result in many many people coming to know Christ. That is so much more important to me than TV ratings or keeping up with all the projects they have going. I believe it is in the heart of the Robertsons to help lost people find their way to Christ. I want to pray that they are successful in the most profitable way for the Kingdom.

I would encourage you to find some time in prayer to pray for the Robertsons and the impact they can have on the Kingdom of God. I believe He is using them all to reach out to the world around us. Perhaps sometimes through some unorthodox ways, but the message shines through.


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