There are some things on my mind that seem rather petty in the overall scheme of things. I choose this outlet to write about them in hopes that the catharsis of expression will result in utopic cleansing.

So I’m in Wal-Mart the yesterday (so already I’m frustrated) … and trying to find what I need. Every other aisle I run into the same woman. The kindest way I can describe her is that she is rather plump, very very white, wearing a shirt that has plunging neckline that barely covers her and spaghetti straps tied at the shoulder. Now I suppose I could be more forgiving if we lived in the desert and as the temps cruised around 125 degrees, relief would be sought in any way possible. But no, we’re inside … on a relatively cool day. It reminded me of the woman in the grocery the other day that wore a long sleeve sweater but tiny shorts that barely covered her posterior, which flabbed above some bumpy cellulite covered legs exposed to the world. Now even if these were pretty young women in excellent shape, I still object. Why is it ok to dress in beachwear (or less) to go to Wal-Mart or the grocery store? There used to be a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” sign. I think there should be a “no clevage, no rumpage” addition to that. Maybe that seems petty…

My extention cord. I think it’s about 25 feet long and it stays attached at one end to my leaf blower. No matter how nicely I roll it, at the next use it has become a tangled mess. Is there a gremlin that loves to tie up our extention cords? Why can’t it just be easy. Do you have a secret for maintaining the extention cord? I know…it’s petty.

Busy. How many times a day does someone say to me “I’m busy”. Sometimes it is expressed with exaggeration; “I’m so busy I don’t know what I’m doing”, “I am crazy busy,” “I don’t think I can do everything I need to do I’m so busy”. In fact, it is true that I do not know anyone who isn’t busy. We wear “I’m busy” like a badge. You know what bugs me the most about this? I say it too. I’ve caught it from some of you. Bad company corrupts good morals you know. But when people say “I’m busy” to me, I usually wonder why they’re hiding behind that expression. If you think that’s petty, just wait for this last one …

It’s easy to fall into habitual phrases in prayer. I do not think they are sinful. But anyh phrase repeated over and over catches my attention. But in the past several years the one phrase that has snagged almost all public pray-ers, is the word ‘just‘. We keep asking the Lord to ‘just‘ do something … when we have in the same prayer asked him for a dozen things … each time using the word ‘just‘.  For example: “Lord, just help us to focus on you each day. And Lord as for sister philadelphia, just heal her today. And Lord just bless our church.” I think it’s a habit akin to saying “uh” in a speech. Because otherwise it sounds like we’re trying to make a deal with God, indicating we’d be satisfied if He’d just do that one thing for us. As I said … not sinful … just petty.

OK, mind, you no longer have to think about these things. They are all expressed and out there … let it go.

Got anything petty on your mind today?


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