Permission to be a Regular Preacher

As you might guess I have a lot of preacher friends and contacts. I know this bunch. I’ve been preaching almost every Sunday for 29 years. Today I say to my younger preacher brothers, you have permission to be a regular preacher.

I know you’ve been watching other young preachers ascend the pulpits of their gigantic churches. You’ve studied their sermons, dress style, worship elements, websites and books. We praise God for those who can reach the masses. They are needed! But most preachers will not be that kind. You know this already, don’t you? You have tried to incorporate all their ideas into your ministry, but without the same results. It has occurred to you that you can preach as good as these guys. And you’ve wondered why your church hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds. It’s time to stop trying to be someone else.

There is something mysteriously grand about a regular preacher. In all the ways that count, the regular preacher has incredible influence that can only be attributed to God’s handiwork.

A regular preacher doesn’t mind the people in his church having his cell phone number in their contact list. He hopes they will call if they need him.

A regular preacher is known by sight at the funeral homes and hospitals. Not because he has a TV show or is on a billboard. He is known because he has been there so often serving hurting families.

A regular preacher has time to stop his studies and talk to parishioners for a few minutes. Well, he really doesn’t have much time, but what he has is theirs.

A regular preacher won’t be gone 25 weeks a year speaking at other churches. They mostly do not know about him.

A regular preacher can spot a trend a mile away, and chooses not to put his church through the rigors of temporary change for no reason.

A regular preacher stays with his church for a long time because they are not just a step up the ladder to a bigger church. He works through the hard times. If he can’t get along with them ultimately he leaves for their good, and his.

A regular preacher is never going to make a fortune. If he wanted to make a lot of money, he would have chosen another line of work.

A regular preacher does his best to study, be creative, and present the word of God imaginatively without causing a disruption in the church family he loves.

A regular preacher is content where he is, always on the lookout for someone to teach the Gospel to, and devoted to the ministry of study.

A regular preacher is often found serving alongside members of his congregation and community, without fanfare.

A regular preacher is a frail creature. Humble to a fault, failing to do all he would love to do for God, often overburdened with jobs somebody else should do, and sometimes feeling helpless. Thus he is captured by grace and flooded by mercy.

By far the vast majority of preachers are of the regular sort. They are hammering away at their ministry. They are the real heroes. So, my young brothers … try to find the balance between working with a vision that excites you … and keeping your eyes on the people in front of you. One of those is where you will really make a difference.

A regular preacher made a difference in my life as a young person. Don’t feel bad if some hip trendster tries to act like your ministry isn’t all that great. It’s ok to be a regular preacher.

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