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For many people, peace can feel elusive. We might even ask, ‘Can there every really be peace for me?

On a global scale, it feels like peace is unreachable. There are so many conflicts and so much destruction, it’s hard to imagine those at war with one another embracing peaceful pathways forward. 

On a personal scale, we would like to have peace in our homes, our workplaces, and in our churches. That’s the kind of peace that begins with individuals experiencing peace themselves. So often conflict erupts because of personal pain or inner turmoil that interferes with relationships. So how do we find peace within? 

The Apostle Paul offered up one truth in Philippians 4:7. He was talking about prayer when he wrote

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

This is a promise of the peace of God – a perfect peace.

This peace does not demand our intellect or decision -it is beyond our understanding. 

This peace will guard your heart and mind – it relates to our thinking and feeling in difficult days. 

This peace is found in Christ Jesus. 

I read of two painters who were asked to paint a picture illustrating peace. The first painted a serene lake with calm waters at sunset, in the distance a beautiful meadow with cattle gently grazing. The second painter took a different approach. He painted a stormy scene with dark clouds. In the middle of the picture was a waterfall with water rushing over a cliff. But perched in a cleft of the cliffside was a small bird. It was sheltered from the storm and the water rushing by, singing a joyful song. This is the peace that passes understanding. It comes in the storm, in the rush of life. It comes from above.

Can there ever really be peace for me? Yes… let’s seek it from Jesus Christ… the Prince of Peace.