Keeping Straight Paths

Photo by Tobi

I think very few people know how to read a map any more. Maybe this has become a lost skill. I remember unfolding a map and tracing the path I wanted to take for a trip. The biggest skill was getting the map folded back up the way it started out. I was never very good at that. And the truth is I’ve never been very good at keeping my path straight on my own. I need help. 

Nowadays GPS on my phone directs me when I’m on a trip. I often tell Maggy, “Trust the GPS”. There have been times when I started to second guess that philosophy. One time I remember driving through some farm land on a barely paved road in Texas. I was afraid of being totally lost and only having a cow to ask for directions! But then I came to a crossroads, and after a few turns ended up exactly where I was going and right on time. Another time I was trusting the GPS across some roads in Alabama when I lost cell signal and just had to drive a bit until I got a signal again. GPS isn’t flawless, but it’s an awesome helper. It even ‘redirects’ when I take a wrong turn. 

You might not realize it, but God has been our GPS all of our lives. 

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:6

When we do not pay attention to God, we usually get off track. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get us back on track. During those times we experience regret and guilt that we didn’t acknowledge the directions that God had given us. 

The world is off-track, isn’t it? The crime, pain, suffering, aggression, and harm that people do to one another is far from how God calls us to live in Christ. It’s easy to point at the world around me and notice how things are going wrong. But what about my life? Am I acknowledging God in all of my ways? Am I seeking His will, His input, His teachings? If I am, then He can make my paths straight. I can be sure I’m on track when I’m listening to His guidance. If we can help you hear his directions more clearly, please get in touch.