I’m making progress in getting the house geared up to put on the market. But I’m not doing it by myself! In an incredible demonstration of second-mile Christianity, four or five of my Central brothers and sisters have been working in my yard adding some ‘curb appeal’ so that the house can look better to potential buyers. They are having to work HARD … and are doing so while laughing and sharing the time together. I am so grateful … and it’s so hard to allow them to do this … and at the same time it’s looking so good … it brings me such joy. And I’m reminded once again of the sweetness and love that are a part of the Family at Central.

Indoors I’ve been doing some cleaning in some of our rooms where we put everything during the time of renovation … trying to get things looking a little nicer. Of course those who come to look at our home will understand that we LIVE in this house. I had a long enjoyable phone call with friend Bobbie Lowe yesterday. We talked about the TV shows about selling houses, they are able to put everything in its place, it all looks good, it’s all color coordinated, and with time lapse editing it’s all done in 30 minutes. No sweat. Right. There’s always that stuff you look at and say, “What do I do with THAT?” You don’t want to throw it away … you don’t want to leave it out in a pile of other stuff we don’t know what to do with it … yet you can’t imagine needing it later. But experience tells us that if we throw it away, within 3 days after the garbage man has come to pick it up, we will discover our need for it … and perhaps even have to go out and re-purchase it. Sigh. Can I get a witness?

Anyway… my health is 90% … maybe 95% after the horror virus of last Friday night. I think for lunch today I might even go find something hearty to eat. I’ve been eating soup and sammiches. Last night I did eat a Subway sammich, though not decked out … with no problems.

I set up a Fantasy Baseball League for Forsythe … but only have myself and three others right now. We need at least 8 and 10 would be better. Anyone care to join? I know we’re into week two … but you know … there’s like 150+ games left to play! Just let me know … it’ll be auto draft … and if you don’t know about Yahoo Fantasy Sports, feel free to give it a try. It’s free and fun.

I’ve gained a few more Twitter followers since mentioning it recently. Danny Dodd mentioned it on his blog as he opined about being technologically challenged. He’s breaking my heart. I think he’d like Twitter because it requires a short attention span and minimal knowledge to use. grin.

Please continue to keep my mom and dad in your prayers. Mom is running a fever today and sleeping a lot. My dad will have a radiation treatment tomorrow to try to slow the growth on his lungs. Maggy’s mom had to be taken to the ER last night but is feeling a tiny bit better at her home.

Also, please say a prayer for Neva … she’s always praying for others.

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Sunday Sunshine

After the rainy weekend all of us in the SouthEast have had, we need some Sunday Sunshine! It feels funny being at home on a Sunday morning. I noticed that all of my e-mails and Twitters have come to a halt … guess that’s what I get for having a bunch of Christian friends who are all at worship! I ran a fever last night and feel that I should not risk the possibility of infecting my friends at worship, so I’m home. I feel some better. I tolerated some toast this morning. I’ve developed a headache and my stomach still has some butterflies. My ribs are sore from the multiple expulsions (does that sound better than vomit? LOL sorry). Anyway, I had all sorts of plans for this weekend but you can’t always get what you want – one truism the Rolling Stones sang. JR just called to say that Robert and Lynda Lingle were visiting at Central this morning. I hate to miss seeing them – along with everyone else. bah.

Twitter has grown on me…significantly. Microblogging has several interesting elements. First of all, all the messages are short. You can read them at a glance. I like that. Second, many Twitterers share links to interesting websites, new programs, or information that you may not know. Third, it’s easy to access and easy to update. You can even send a Twitter message from your cell phone via text. Fourth, it creates a new level of interest and intimacy (maybe too strong a word) for keeping up with friends. Fifth, I like the way that it updates my Facebook status and also is displayed on my blog – so people who do not have Twitter can still know what’s on my mind at the moment. Could I live without Twitter? Certainly. For many people learning e-mail was a labor. There will be millions of people totally disinterested in Twitter. But there’s something about a new gadget that’s interactive and free and easy to use that just won’t let go of me. If you Twitter and we’re not already following one another, let me know!

Today we say goodbye to Moses. Really, can anyone else really ever play that part? No. Charlton Heston, age 84, passed away today in his home in Beverly Hills. Heston’s film career was larger than life. His off-screen activist roles took him into more conservative circles than Hollywood stars usually travel. He was a courageous man who stood up for what he believed in. Perhaps his earlier roles portraying heroes and world-changers gave him insight into how to make a difference. Compared to Heston, most of the mega stars in today’s Hollywood look like a bunch of spoiled whiners.

Shane Coffman is asking blog readers to offer suggestions about Tulsa Workshop 09.

Memphis keeps getting better when it counts the most. I don’t follow basketball, but I have to be happy with the victory of Memphis in the final four. Southerners stick together you know. Especially in the summer. ew.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your Sunday is sunny. I’d love to hear a report of what happened at your church this Sunday.



Last night I was fairly clear that I was not feeling well … very blah … but what I didn’t know that either (1) food poisoning or (2) a top end / bottom end virus was poised to attack. It was a night of horrors. I guess I’ll spare you the details. It seemed that every 90 minutes I had an attack.

Since there is a possibility of spreading a virus, I will not be going to my parents. Aside from the fact that she is undergoing chemo (a very big reason not to go if you may be carrying a vicious bacillus), there will also be several little kiddos there and I just can’t risk infecting them.

At this point I’m down to sipping ice water slowly. I still feel horrible.

It was stormy all night and continues to rain heavily.

Jackson, MS area storm damage.

I imagine I’ll sleep a bunch today.

Anyway there’s a lot of disappointment today.

Our Turn

Much of the Southeast has been suffering the progression of a line of severe weather for the past few days. Tonight (Friday) it is our turn. I hate stormy weather…. not the song… the real thing.

I’ve been enjoying the live stream / chat room thing on Ustream lately. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t know if that’s a new permanent part of my online experience or just a phase. Who knows. My by-line is “John TV…Better Than Cable”. Of course getting better than cable didn’t take much effort. Last night I adopted the line by the infamous William Hung, “You might not know that I have no professional training.” I’m a bit blah tonight … so should I let that stop me from streaming live … or should I only do it when I feel great?

WordPress updated their version and everything looks different backstage. I don’t like it. I can’t get a few things to work, like making a simple link. It doesn’t want to work. My friends who are still stuck in stone-age Blogger will say, “I have no problem with Blogger”. ha. Maybe it’s still going through the process of the change. Change is terrible. Change makes me grouchy. Change leaves me confused. Change is forced upon me and I shouldn’t have to take it. I have heard these same sentiments in churches. Of course, when we LIKE the change we can’t understand why people are unhappy. I guess change is inevitable, unless we choose to fossilize. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the changes. Later.

I guess I’m just tired… we did a lot of cleaning today. We had to get a new vacuum cleaner. The Check Engine light is on in my car. Why am I telling you this?

Tomorrow we’ll go to visit my mom and dad. I’m glad for this. It’s going to be a big crew there including my brother and his family, my step sister and her family. I’m just worried that it will be too much for them … but they have assured me that if it gets too loud or bothersome they’ll go in their room, shut the door and rest. That’s what I want them to do if they feel the need to have some quiet.

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ll feel better tomorrow I bet.

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Wednesday on the Coast


David Archuleta … Can Anyone Else Really Win The American Idol Contest? No.

I’ve arrived back on the Coast safe and sound. It started off a rainy cloud covered day in Pascagoula, but the sun is shining now.

Yesterday I stopped by the Orange Grove Church of Christ in Gulfport and visited with my longtime friend Les Ferguson, Jr. Les is excited because they have now started having their assembly in a new worship facility. Their story begs to be told. Having made the decision pre-Katrina to sell their building to a neighboring car dealership and move into a different neighborhood, they were dreaming some big dreams. Contractors were contacted. Blueprints were placed on the wall to encourage the church family to get excited. Then came August 29, 2005. After evacuating from the dangers of Katrina, Les and family returned home to find his house relatively undamaged (Praise God!)…but a city that was demolished. The Orange Grove church was located on Hwy 49 … a prime location for ministry, distribution, and storm relief. That is what they did. After several months, suffering from exhaustion, a near-constant stress level, and the sudden passing away of an elder, the church received news that the car dealership needed to take ownership of the property they had purchased before the storm. This forced the church to seek a new meeting place. For the past year and a half they have worshiped in a funeral home near their new property. Multiple challenges emerged that set back their building process. Recently another elder passed away and yet another elder moved away. Through it all Les set up an office at his home. He preached positive and encouraging messages to this band of believers. To their credit, they lost very few members during this time of transition. Easter Sunday was their first Sunday, and they had nearly 250 fill their beautiful auditorium. Even more found their way to Orange Grove the next Sunday. They have installed some additional elders, including the appointment of Les as an elder. His leadership has been demonstrated at the Orange Grove church for nearly ten years I believe. Les, Karen, Kyle, Cole, Conner, Casey … the Ferguson family … have been used by God in a glorious way in Gulfport, Mississippi. And I noticed that Les has lost some weight recently. Keep up the great work!

Unfortunately I came home to a sick Maggy who has a virus I’m working hard to avoid. She’s feeling a bit better this morning.


David Cook

AMERICAN IDOL CHATTER. American Idol contestant David Cook was taken to the hospital last night after his performance on live television. He was released a few hours later. Apparently he’s having a high blood pressure problem that could be related to stress. Not only is the competition highly stressful, Cook’s brother is suffering from cancer and has had a setback in his health. We wish David the best. He is definitely a top-three contestant on the show, and will no doubt have a record deal whether he wins or loses. It’s hard to say who we’ll be saying goodbye to tonight. Other than David Cook, Michael Johns, and David Archuleta, it doesn’t really matter – the rest are only on the show until they get voted off. If I had to guess, I’d say that Ramiele has been hanging on by a thread for several weeks now. We may say goodbye to her tonight. This was Kristy Lee’s week to shine, and she didn’t. So, it won’t be long for her either.


Michael Johns

This was my favorite week of American Idol so far! The three videos posted here are, in my opinion, the top three contestants.

SCHOOLYARD KILLERS. Troy Stirman was the first to point this story out to me. It was also covered on MSNBC this morning. Troy puts part of the blame on ritalin. I’m just wondering what our culture contributes to such a climate. I’ve heard many parents exclaim that they protect their children from nudity and sex scenes in movies, but violence is no big deal. To be honest, I’ve thought that way in the past. In an entertainment world where heroes are killers, the solution to problems is to blow things up, and where killings are accompanied by buckets of blood, one has to wonder how this influences the way we think about life. I know this can’t be the total answer…or we’d have a nation full of Children of the Corn out to kill us all. It seems to me that there is no more innocence of childhood – we’re in a big hurry to get rid of that. Innocence of infants is about all that’s left.

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