Out of the Loop


I can’t remember who shared the above video on Google + yesterday, but I am afraid that I identify with it too well. Just mentioning Google + probably has a number of you saying, “what’s that?” Well, those of you except the ones who are caught up in the loop.

There is no end to the communication available on the internet. If Facebook somehow slows down for you, switch over to Twitter. You can’t keep up with Google + if you have enough people in your circles. Texting, emailing (are there personal emails any more? I seldom get one!) … it’s an awful lot of connectivity. My Luddite friends roll their eyes and try to figure out how to read a text if one arrives on their 1999 model phone.

The truth is you just can’t be in touch with everyone all the time. We just thought we were “surfing the net” when we used to go from website to website. Now we’re surfing the virtual relationship social networking world where we send out sentences to thousands of potential readers.

I got out of the loop for a while today when my friend Darin called. I see Darin once a year at Tulsa Workshop. Darin does some amazing work for Christ at New Heights Church near Oklahoma City. I was happy to spend some time with him on the phone today just talking about a lot of great things. He really encouraged me and the time was a blessing. I didn’t have to key in any words, Google any phrases, or “like” anything he said. I “liked” the whole thing.

In a recent edition of Dan Williams‘ email called Preacher Stuff (which is wonderful!), he shared an article about the lost art of letter writing. When is the last time you received a hand written letter?

Maybe we don’t get out of the loop enough. I mean, we may not all be completely immersed but we all certainly spend enough time on the net. I will be honest – I love it. I love all the connections and sharing of information. I enjoy keeping up with friends that I do not get to see. My 30th high school reunion was last weekend. Though I did not get to go, I enjoyed the pictures and posts about the event. So this is a long way from dumping the internet, but it is an encouragement to step out of the loop. For a while every day… the real world is all around you!

As someone put it (somewhere on the internet!) … an email or facebook post can never take the place of a hug.

Now I’m going to go post this link on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Stumble Upon, Tumblr …

Heading back in,


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