Our Turn

Much of the Southeast has been suffering the progression of a line of severe weather for the past few days. Tonight (Friday) it is our turn. I hate stormy weather…. not the song… the real thing.

I’ve been enjoying the live stream / chat room thing on Ustream lately. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t know if that’s a new permanent part of my online experience or just a phase. Who knows. My by-line is “John TV…Better Than Cable”. Of course getting better than cable didn’t take much effort. Last night I adopted the line by the infamous William Hung, “You might not know that I have no professional training.” I’m a bit blah tonight … so should I let that stop me from streaming live … or should I only do it when I feel great?

WordPress updated their version and everything looks different backstage. I don’t like it. I can’t get a few things to work, like making a simple link. It doesn’t want to work. My friends who are still stuck in stone-age Blogger will say, “I have no problem with Blogger”. ha. Maybe it’s still going through the process of the change. Change is terrible. Change makes me grouchy. Change leaves me confused. Change is forced upon me and I shouldn’t have to take it. I have heard these same sentiments in churches. Of course, when we LIKE the change we can’t understand why people are unhappy. I guess change is inevitable, unless we choose to fossilize. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the changes. Later.

I guess I’m just tired… we did a lot of cleaning today. We had to get a new vacuum cleaner. The Check Engine light is on in my car. Why am I telling you this?

Tomorrow we’ll go to visit my mom and dad. I’m glad for this. It’s going to be a big crew there including my brother and his family, my step sister and her family. I’m just worried that it will be too much for them … but they have assured me that if it gets too loud or bothersome they’ll go in their room, shut the door and rest. That’s what I want them to do if they feel the need to have some quiet.

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ll feel better tomorrow I bet.

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