This week has certainly passed quickly for me. I’ve enjoyed all the interaction wiht church members and meeting new people in the community. I’ve been getting oriented to all the places nearby and trying to get into the flow of life in Monroe. Yesterday I set up a new computer in my office (although I can’t get the wireless internet connection to work). Today I’m going to get a haircut – not that this will be a challenge to any barber. I did get a recommendation for a good barber – from someone who has even less hair than me! I’m not sure how qualified he is to recommend a barber, but we’ll see. Church secretary Linda and I have overhauled the church bulletin this week. I’ve been reading Gary McIntosh’s “One Size Doesn’t Fit All” – and enjoying it much. I’m trying to find my way into the rhythm of Forsythe and Monroe.

Still, for all my orientation, I’m disoriented. After 20 years of marriage, it becomes obvious that in so many ways my family sets my life schedule. You decide when and where to eat with the input of each other. You help each other get what you need and do the necessary tasks that are easier to accomplish with another set of hands. The simple pleasures of watching a television show or playing a game are interesting because of the person you’re with. And I’m sure Maggy is feeling it too. She told me that she bought some Rob’s Bar-B-Q last night for her and JR to share. Unfortunately JR made other plans. I will volunteer to eat Rob’s Bar-B-Q with Maggy anytime! The list goes on … but life without my life partner is disorienting. I told someone it reminded me of that old country song, “Without You, What Do I Do With Me?”.

Wednesday night I used Shane Coffman’s excellent January 4th blog post about spiritual disciplines for my class. I’ve shared that list now with several people … it’s an excellent summary of the disciplines. Yes, Shane, I did give you credit and provide a link to the class!

Last night I went to Jason and Christina’s to watch LOST. I enjoyed every second of the show. It is gearing up for a great season. I’ve got to bring my season 1-3 DVDs back with me when I come back to Monroe because at least two people want to get in on the show. My influence at work!

There are amazing stories coming out of the wreckage of the tornadoes from earlier this week. We need to continue to remember these disaster victims in our prayers. My friend Clif, who lives in Memphis, caught some great footage on his video camera.

I’m still way way behind on my Google Reader. I do have less than 400 posts yet to look at though! I scan most of them for a moment … but some I just have to read! I’ll get there!

I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for the comments and the prayers.


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