Open Fire

1111Gang Leader points gun at camera

In a church. At a high school. From the car. In the boardroom. On a college campus. Somehow in our country it has become commonplace for shooters to open fire.

It is frightening. There seems to be no safe place. I have friends who are now ‘packing’. But most of these events are random, unpredictable, unstoppable.

Are these just random sociopaths? Do we just know more about the happenings of our world because of the 24 hour news offerings? Or are crimes like this increasing? I really don’t know. I just know that my heart hurts for the families of people who were gunned down in such meaningless ways.

Other than our Enemy, who has done his destructive work so well, where do we find the beginning place for murder?

It would be easy to point to violence in movies and television, video games. The depiction of meaningless death may have left some with the idea that life is without value. We live in a country where babies are aborted and thrown into the trashcan like leftovers.

Perhaps it’s more sociological. Every institution of hope has failed us. The moral failures of religious leaders, the failing financial structures, dishonest politicians, ongoing war, and the nearly obliterated family unit – have all left us without much hope.

I’m just like everyone else. In the face of random and useless violence I am left with more questions than answers. As a follower of Jesus Christ I recognize that there is no promise that this world will get better and better, but actually the opposite. Until He comes.

…evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived … 2 Timothy 3:13

Thanks for reading my rumination.


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