One Size Fits All

Continuing with the thought that many Christians are fearful of the judgment, I have to wonder what we think salvation is all about. Do we have the idea that God’s gift of salvation is size S and we are XL? Do we think we might be able to get it on, but we’ll outgrow it if we do something wrong? Perhaps we have this idea that we are bouncing in and out of the kingdom, and we only hope that when Jesus comes we’ll be on an ‘in’ bounce and not an ‘out’ bounce?

Think about this. God created us, and He thought he did a pretty good job. (What can I do but agree? 🙂 ) This also means that He knows all of our inner workings. He knows about our tendency to sin and He knows what it takes to erase that sin. He knows what it will mean for Him to KEEP us safe and saved. He has it all figured out. It’s His job. He’s God.

Salvation is ONE SIZE FITS ALL. It fits you. It took the same thing to save you that it has taken to save every redeemed person this side of Pentecost.  You’re not too tall or too wide for Him. Your sin is not too bad, too repulsive, or too disgusting for Him to save you. Or maybe you’ve been a choir boy and never done much wrong. It takes the same blood needed to cleanse you, Mr. Squeaky Clean, that it takes to cleanse Jeffrey Dahmer.

So here’s what I think this means ….

*We Can Relax About Our Salvation. If you have obeyed the gospel you are a saved individual. Unless you renounce God, you are saved. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking we can be easily lost. I do believe we can run away from God and be lost … but it is a lot harder than we’ve been led to believe.

*We Can Remain Open to Repentance. Even though our salvation FITS … we must keep our heart in tune with the Lord’s will. If we find ourselves wandering away, we need to return home. In our weakness we will disappoint ourselves…and God…and others. This is not a matter of losing salvation / regaining salvation. It is a matter of a re-direct. Keep your heart tender and yielding to God’s Spirit.

*We Can Pursue Holiness. Not content to just “be”, we have been set free to grow, progress, and go deeper in the Christian life. We do this by practicing the Spiritual Disciplines. Why bother? Because our heart is in love with Jesus, with being like Jesus, with welcoming Jesus back, and with living forever with Jesus. If you’re heart is in love with something else, see the previous step.

*We Can Direct Others to the Christ. Once people get past their pre-conceived notions of a God they could never please and a church where they could never fit in, they will be overjoyed at the gift that FITS. We may even need to educate fellow Christians about this wonderful gift that never has to be returned! Rejoice that you are not having to figure out some new system for them … but the same simple gospel is the same simple good news they need to hear.

 *We Can Worship Freely. We no longer are bound to the weighty man-made laws that govern our worship times. We are free to love and adore Him with our whole hearts because we are not longer afraid that if we clap we will feel hell’s fire. We are no longer bound up in constricting traditions that cause men to judge one another. Stand up! Raise your hands! Shout to God all the Earth! If some people do not get it, pray for them that they can know the salvation that FITS.

*We Can Love Openly. Sometimes that love means being patient with those who are still living under the burden of law. You cannot force your spirit under this bondage, however. You must love even those who find theselves in the critic’s seat. Learn what you need to from the experience and then move on in the Kingdom. When I am no longer afraid that God is looking for an opportunity to condemn me, I am free to cease thinking about ME ME ME and focus on OTHERS. Love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself. You can only do this wearing God’s one size fits all salvation.


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