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We had an excellent morning at Central with a good number in attendance. Tom Hixson led us in a beautiful communion meditation. He is here leading a crew of ten skilled workers from four different denominations in Pennsylvania and some from Virginia. Bo is here. He is the man who went home and built a beautiful handmade podium for me to use. This is our last scheduled work crew for the year.

Tomorrow morning I’ll head to the surgical suite and have my left carpal tunnel surgery. If you don’t mind, speak a prayer in my behalf. One of my friends suggested that having a second surgery so soon after the first one drastically reduces my chances of survival. Thanks.

I’ve been doing some traveling and so have been catching up on podcasts. Do you listen to any podcasts? If you do not have an IPod, you can listen to most of these online. Here’s a rundown on what I was able to listen to as I traveled recently:

*Greg Laurie’s series on Mark is basic but well presented.  

*Wade Hodge’s message called WAKE UP was excellent. I’m looking forward to hearing more messages from the minister of the Garnett Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

*Pardon the Interruption. I gotta give Al Sturgeon the credit for getting me to listen to this show. I never catch it live on ESPN, but the podcast is awesome. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser give a rundown of the most important sports of the day.

*Relevant Podcast. This is the audio companion to Relevant magazine. Relevant is one of my favorite magazines, examining the current Christian culture, new music, movies, interviews, and lots of fun stuff too. They also publish excellent little books like The Coffeehouse Gospel and others. The editors have a friendly chat and invite you to the table. It’s a bit too long at almost 50 minutes … I’d rather have a daily 15 minute podcast…but…they didn’t ask me. New podcast every Friday.

*XXX Church Podcast. Nobody is calling for accountability and a Christian rejection of internet porn like Craig Goss and Mike Foster. Calling themselves the #1 Chrisitan Porn Site on the internet, they are reaching out and talking about subjects that most of us feel a bit intimidated to address. Hosting Porn Sundays at churches and giving away Bibles at Porn Conventions wearing t-shirts that say “Jesus Loves Porn Stars“, these guys are definitely edgy. They gave away 3,500 Bibles in 24 hours to porn industry models, directors, and producers. There are people thirsty for God in every place. The podcast is called Dirty Little Secret. The latest edition is a sermon Craig Goss delivered at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids. Awesome message, even though he talked about food addicts. Meddler.

Well, I’ve got more downloaded on my IPod than I’ll ever be able to listen to…including tons of music…but that’s what they’re for. I’d be interested in knowing your favorite podcasts. Anyone who may choose to flatter me by mentioning MY PODCAST, well, you’re not fooling anyone. My podcast will return with fresh installments…and sometime soon. To explain what happened briefly, when my laptop was stolen I lost the software that goes with my Olympus voice recorder. Olympus wants me to pay 20 bucks to replace the software…I think they should offer it for free on their website. They did TELL me that they would send it to me, but that’s been weeks ago and it’s not here yet. So, just to show that I am smarter than they are, I’m buying another unit that will do ten times what that little crummy unit did, and my podcast quality will be supreme.  But…first…surgery… and then other stuff.


It helps to remember. Click HERE to be able to view a video of Pascagoula one week after the storm.

This Letter to the Editor of The Mississippi Press should be enscribed in gold and posted somewhere special.

I dressed up my blog page for Christmas.

How much turkey did you eat at Thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading! Have a super week!

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Surgery went well.

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