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Greetings Friends! I hope your middle-of-the-week is going well. I’ve got a few things to toss out today for your reading and commenting!

ON BEING LATE. In my last post I asked what you thought about Steve Sjogren’s theory about why people arrive late to worship. Steve says, “Very few of your weekend attendees like your current form of worship. I know, I know, I know, you are now thinking, ‘He doesn’t know our church at all!  Our people come late for other reasons…’  Read this slowly.  ‘Oh no they don’t!’  They really don’t like the worship that you have so convinced yourself that they love.”

Interesting thought … whether it addresses everyone’s concerns or not. I always hated the sermons on the people who come late and how they just do not have God as their top priority. These sermons use the same texts to admonish the people who always sit in the back of the sanctuary. Did it ever occur to any of these hardliners that the reason someone is sitting on that back row is because someone put it there to be sat upon? If a church leader doesn’t want anyone sitting on that pew, they should remove it. I kind of got sidetracked there for a moment. Back to the latecomers. For some people this is just habit…but I wonder if it is their habit at the movie theater? Or when they are meeting some important person for lunch…perhaps a prospective employer? I know that I am overly concerned about being late myself…and that makes it tempting to be overly concerned about what other people are doing. It’s a bad feeling at 9:30 to look around and see that half of the people aren’t there…then get up at 10:00 to preach and notice that a bunch of people came in. Maybe they came in at 9:32. Anyway… does this bother you? Do you think Steve has a point? If he does … what would you do during those first five minutes that would be so interesting that no one would want to be late?

ON THE TWELVE STEPS. In the column to the right I have linked my series on the Twelve Steps. I do not know how to link them in the correct order. If someone knows, pass the info along! I do plan on continuing the series….and I’m sorry I’ve let it go for a bit…but I’ll jump back in there soon!

ON FACEBOOK. I’m excited that now when I post a new blogpost it also appears on Facebook. If you have Facebook and haven’t added me … do it! My profile is located HERE. A good article about some of the ways to use Facebook is located HERE.

ON BEING A WELCOMING FELLOWSHIP. So, you haven’t been following Darin Hamm’s series on why Starbucks does church better than churches do? Well, then get with it! OK, I’ll help you…but only this once. Do you want me to read all your blogs for you?

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FOR RAGAMUFFINS. I will close today’s post with another quote from The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.

We fluctuate between castigating ourselves and congratulating ourselves because we are deluded into thinking we save ourselves. We develop a false sense of security from our good works and scrupulous observance of the law. Our halo gets too tight and a carefully-disguised attitude of moral superiority results. Or, we are appalled by our inconsistency, devastated that we haven’t lived up to our lofty expectations of ourselves. The roller coaster ride of elation and depression continues. Why? Because we never lay hold of our nothingness before God, and consequently, we never enter into the deepest reality of our relationship with Him. But when we accept ownership of our powerlessness adn helplessness, when we acknowledge that we are paupers at the dooor of God’s mercy, then God can make something beautifuly out of us.

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