Not Tired Yet!

I started today with a long talk with my friend James Guy. We haven’t had much chance to talk since his move to University Church of Christ in Monroe, Louisiana. He is loving every minute of working up there, and truly he is surrounded by some awesome Christian people. I pray the best for James and his work. He is finally free to minister in grace as he has wanted to do for years. We plan to see each other at Tulsa Workshop.

I also visited a sweet elderly lady in the hospital. She has had a rough time of it. Last week she had a heart attack and spent several days in MICU. Then upon coming home she had such a nosebleed that she lost a liter of blood. She is feeling some better now but still hospitalized. I enjoy talking to her so much. Today she asked me if she had ever sung her song for me. I said no. Then an 83 year old lady with eyes closed blessed my heart. She sang…

If we never meet again this side of heaven, I’ll meet you on that beautiful shore.

That was all she sang, but it was enough. I’m sure she doesn’t know what a blessed moment that was for me.

This afternoon I met with a man who wants to be part of our church. I look forward to introducing him to the church on a Sunday coming soon. We had a great conversation and he even told me he has read my blog some. I knew he was a good fellow!

We had eleven in our addictions class, including two new people tonight. This is a powerful time of honest sharing and depending on God for recovery. I am learning more than the others, I’m sure. It is a blessing to me. Learning to ask hard questions of myself, consistently praying for others, keeping track of progress in my own heart … speaking for myself, this is a great experience. I already look forward to next Monday night.

This afternoon 50 Mennonites from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania arrived in Pascagoula. I am fascinated by these wonderful people. They are here to work, and I can only imagine that they will get a ton of work accomplished. Friendly, polite, simplistic lifestyles but not simple minded. I am looking forward to learning more about them. Some of them were gathered around the television set in the annex this afternoon. I don’t think they are accustomed to the TV … and unfortunately they found themselves tuned in to BET. What an introduction to television! Ah well…maybe The Mississippi Mass Choir was singing. Tonight after our addictions class they gathered in the auditorium. There on the stage were twenty young men and women. They began singing old traditional hymns. Beautiful voices rang out across the auditorium. Absolute angels … sweetly the tones were falling. I hope they will sing for us Wednesday night.

The ministry continues on here in Pascagoula. Our bodies do get weary but we are Not Tired Yet! There are so many who need Jesus, need to be loved, and need their homes repaired. God keeps sending people our way. We are turning people away some weeks because of the overflow of volunteers.

Thanks for reading and praying.

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