No Power?

Today Maggy and I had lunch at Wendy’s. Our Wendy’s on 18th st in Monroe is particularly well managed and we like the people who work in there. It’s become one of our regular spots. In fact, I am the Mayor of that particular Wendy’s store (Foursquare). Anyhow, this afternoon we dashed out in the rain to grab some lunch. We got our order in, handed our money over, and the power went out. After a few valiant efforts at returning, it finally went out and didn’t come back on (while we were there).

Thankfully, they had already started on our order and were able to complete it. I chose a table and we enjoyed our meal. But we enjoyed the people around us even more.

One person came in, looked around at the lack of ¬†electric lighting, and walked to the counter to place her order. I was wondering if she was in some alternate universe or was just a very confident person. She wanted to place her order, and the nice person behind the counter kindly informed her of the obvious: there is no power. I can only think that she had a thought like this: you can’t be without power, it’s my lunch time! So she requested that they simply guess how much her order would be and she would pay that. Aside from the fact that the exact price would not be hard to figure out, the problem isn’t that the cash register would not work. NOTHING worked! I enjoyed watching this play out.

Another person walked in the door, looked around with a confused expression on his face. Confusion gave way to uncertainty… and then confusion again. He stood there a long time just looking around, as if he might be able to figure out how to make a lunch happen. I simply ate my lunch and laughed. He finally walked out.

Of course we would try to tell people that there was no power – as if we needed to state the obvious. One lady said, ‘That’s ok, I just need to go to the bathroom.” OK by me if you want to go into a public restroom that is completely dark. Not a big fan of feeling my way around in there. I think she realized this quickly, because she returned from there soon.

Most folks, as they approached Wendys noticed that the red light was out at that intersection. So, when they drove by you could see them looking in to see if the lights were out in the restaurant as well. Not that many people attempted to come in.

As one family finished and got ready to leave, it was still raining. The one considerate dad went to get the vehicle for his family so they wouldn’t have to cross the parking lot in the rain. While he was gone the mother was heard to kindly tell the children not to stand in the way of the door in case someone wanted to come in. The parking lot was a ghost town!

I know we do not know how to live without electricity – at least I don’t. But something is triggered when we’re in a situation like that … it causes us to make the best of the situation, to carry on, and to hope that our expectations will be met somehow.

Being a preacher type I just wonder how many Christians are unplugged from God, neglecting the power of the Spirit, unattached to the spiritual current carried in the words of Scripture … but try to go about their spiritual journey as if everything’s ok. Are we placing our orders with God, ignoring the fact that we haven’t availed ourselves of His power in ages? Does Spiritual life confuse us, leaving us scratching our head when contemplating God’s place in our lives? Are we trying to stand in the right place, say the right thing, take care of the necessary details – all the while not acknowledging that it is meaningless without God’s presence and power?

I’m sure the power came back on at Wendy’s today and that life at Dave’s place went on as usual. But I enjoyed watching life stop for a moment and cause us to wonder what to do without power? I pray that all of us will take a moment and reflect… why are we trying to live without power?

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