New Year Resolutions – Charles Hodge

This article from my files is from The Exhorter, the weekly bulletin of the Duncanville, Texas Church of Christ, Vol. 7, No. 35, 1989. Charles Hodge was an author and quite a personality, well known for his ‘Hodge Podge’ sayings. On my shelves his books have had a home. Books like Will God Run, Hodge Podge, and Amazing Grace have blessed me. I used to happily anticipate his weekly bulletin article, known as ‘From the Banks of Onion Creek“. His style of writing can be detected easily and likely he could be identified as the author even if his name wasn’t listed. Brother Hodge passed from this life early in November 2020. He lived an influential life that called attention to Jesus. – JED

New Year Resolutions

Tragically, New Year Resolutions are on the “out list.” Only 2% will make serious 1989 resolutions. Of course, reality can account for much of this. ‘we made them only to break them. Resolutions have lost their punch. I started to title this essay, “Now that we have broken all our resolutions for 1989…” Most of us have. The biggie? To lose weight. Yet we get bigger and bigger. Yet decisions must be made; resolutions must be made before changes will be made. Success does begin with a goal. Dreams can become reality.

(1) Don’t make little resolutions. This is so true down at church – you cannot act bold unless you thought big! Big plans stir men’s bones. Don’t ask a little – ask a lot. resolutions must be significant, meaningful, life-changing. Trivia may be a game but not life. Make resolutions that can challenge your life.

(2) Be serious about these resolutions. If they are treated as a “joke” they will become a joke. “Jokes” do not change lives. Resolutions are a serious business. they can make or break our lives, save or damn our souls.

(3) Tell someone. Go public. Lay your reputation out on the line. Seek their help. WE may wink at our own failures but others will not. Enlist your family and friends. KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS!

Actually, our problem is not keeping our resolutions … our problem is still in making them. We either do not make resolutions or make them trivia. The art of keeping resolutions is in making them.

In 1989 ….

I will be faithful in attendance at all services.

I will faithfully give weekly as I have been prospered.

I will read the Bible daily.

I will pray daily.

I will do my fair share at Big D. (a reference to his church – JED)


Also from this same bulletin…

“The clock of time is wound but once, And no one has the power

To tell just when the hands will stop, At late or early hour.

Now is the only time you have, Life life…toil with a will.

Place no faith in tomorrow. For the hands may then be still.”