New Directions in Preaching

I’ll admit that this is a bit preliminary, but I wanted to ruminate a bit on preaching. Although the actual preaching event takes up very little time on my weekly calendar, the preparation for it takes up a lot of time. About four years ago I wrote some posts (linked below) that considered a decision I made to preach along with the Revised Common Lectionary. 

I don’t know what that has been like on the hearer’s side of things. I can tell you, though, that on the preacher’s side of things it has been an immense blessing. I was led through the Scriptures on four different routes over the past four years. This encouraged me to preach on passages that I might have otherwise ignored or thought of as difficult. Maybe that says something bad about me, but one of the hardest things I’ve faced is choosing which texts I should preach. The RCL removed that burden and pointed me toward preaching through the life of Jesus each year. Terms that are seldom used in churches of Christ became familiar around our place. Advent was one of those terms. We preached through theChristmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter seasons – each one drawn from the life of Jesus or events in the church calendar. This coming Sunday is Pentecost. Acts 2 is the holy grail of churches of Christ, so there’s no question that’s where we’ll be on that day. 

The resources available on these texts each week have been overwhelming. There’s so much more than I could ever read. So, I’m thankful for the RCL and the tour I’ve been on for the past four Years. In late June and July I’ll preach from the Romans texts and then follow up with four lessons from Matthew. 

And then my relationship with the RCL is going on hiatus. That doesn’t mean I’ll never visit it again and make another run through the three years of texts. There’s too much good there to abandon forever. 

But don’t worry. I’m not just going to preach whatever pops into my mind. I think that’s way too limited a resource! No, I’m still interested in making my way through the Scriptures in the calendar year. I’m still interested in the Gospels keeping their place in the center of my lessons (and life).  So what’s next? Thats for another post. 

If you needed a reminder, here are the posts about choosing to follow the RCL:

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  1. I preached through the Lectionary for nearly all of my 18+ years of ministry. I agree the discipline of preaching through sections I might have ignored was good to experience. But I wish I had been more diligent in selecting different ones of the four, so that I preached on at least most of the Bible: Old and New Testament alike.

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