New Blog

I’ve created a new blog called Quick Thoughts. It’s going to be a place for me to archive short and encouraging bulletin articles, including some from the past. Those who edit newsletters and church bulletins can use them if they like. Otherwise it’s a good place to keep them for future use for myself. If you choose to keep up with it, I hope you enjoy it. There is a link to it in the sidebar to the right. The first article on the blog is my article for this Sunday at Forsythe.

Also, if my blog friends would mention it on their blog, I would appreciate it.

BY THE WAY, I want to encourage you to use BLINGO as your search engine. You can sign up on the link to the right. I just won a $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificate just for using their search engine! They give away some big prizes as well! Blingo uses Google’s search engine and it is also combined with the Publisher’s Clearinghouse people, so why not do your web searches via Blingo and perhaps pocket some cash? Just as a matter of disclosure, if you sign up by clicking on the link to the right … whatever prize you win I also win! So I really want you to win big!

UPDATE: I want to ammend my post for the day by rejoicing that apparently the big news stories of the day¬†are that Prince Harry is home after having spent ten weeks on the front line in Afghanistan, and that pop sensation/tv star Miley Cyrus likes to drink ketchup from a bottle. Also John Hagee has endorsed McCain … instead of fellow pastor¬†Huckabee.

It’s February 29th. Shouldn’t this be a federal holiday? I mean, it’s a day that doesn’t really exist most years!

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