John Robert clowning at camp with Glynn, Mr. Ed, Sarah, and Charlie several years ago.

I’ve been neglecting my blog. This is unlike me! Changes in my sleep schedule havechallenged me to find just the right time to blog. Some of those posts between Midnight and 2 a.m. used to be my best! Now I’m long gone before then! So I’ll figure it all out somehow.

We’ve been busy at Forsythe getting ready to re-launch LifeGroups in September. Jason and I co-taught an orientation for that last Sunday afternoon. This past Wednesday we co-taught an Internet Awareness Seminar which was well received. We had about 30 guests from the community, which we appreciated. We had a great supper to start with, then the presentation. We were pleased with the results.

We had chosen a house to try to buy and almost made an offer yesterday, but decided at the last second to back off and re-think. I doubt either of us are in mental shape to be making such big decisions. But we have to go with our feelings on the matter … and though we loved the house (and the house before that) … we did not have the confidence to make the big commitment. I hope that happens soon … I can’t tell you how ready we are to be in our own home. Of course we are also ready for someone to buy our house on the Coast. Have you been praying for that to happen soon?

Conflicted isn’t it … wanting to be in a new house … afraid to pull the trigger … having the financing in place … not wanting to sign the paper. Such is life after the loss of John Robert. Nothing makes much sense any more.

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