My Charlie Brown Life

Our local grocery insists on having a worker bring your basket to your car after checking out. After unloading they take the cart back. This annoys me greatly for a lot of reasons.

Recently I bought some groceries and me and my companion headed to the van. Which I couldn’t find. Now this us embarrasing enough when you are by yourself. So I cooly put my hand in my pocket and started pressing the LOCK button – which makes the horn honk. Of wasn’t working. I finally had to admit to the young man that I couldn’t find the van. It was three rows over.

So as we got close I pushed the remote button that opens the back hatch. About half way up a man walked around the van and had to jump to keep it from opening up on his head!

As I was on my way to the apartment, I turned a corner and heard a noise. I knew in my heart what of was. Yup. The box of can drinks was nestled comfortably on top of our bread.

My Charlie Brown life.

Thanks for reading.


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