My Capricious Resolutions

Tonight for your entertainment are my capricious resolutions for a new year.

1. I will complete a Sudoku puzzle correctly. Just one.

2. I will walk three miles every afternoon….to Arbys.

3. I will read all of Sue Grafton’s alphabetical mysteries. (Y is For Yeah Right).

4.  Everything I eat will be good for me.

5. I will do research on the health benefits of York Peppermint Patties and Hershey’s Kisses.

6.  I will get all available season episodes of LOST and watch them back to back.

7. I will leave my Christmas tree up and just decorate it for each season.

8. I will trade in my uncool van for a white Jaguar.

9. I will open up an Outback Steakhouse franchise in Pascagoula which will be wildly successful and make me rich.

10. I will wake up one morning and be thin and no longer interested in food.

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