Mr. Kerry, Stop Digging!

This photo from DRUDGE REPORT.

 Have you ever said something and wished immediately that you could take it back? I think Senator Kerry understands that difficult situation. Really, though, when you’re digging a hole what should you do? Stop digging! I understand it was a “botched joke”….I’ve botched a few jokes in my time as well. Wouldn’t it be easy to admit that you goofed and say “I’m sorry folks” and let your humanity show? I guess it’s hard to be humble in the presence of your arch enemy! It is ironic to me, though, that Kerry wanted to try to dredge up the old “Bush is dumb” rhetoric and in doing so made himself look like an idiot. Both men are highly educated and neither should stoop so low as to indicate that the other one lacks intelligence.

Chrisitans have to be careful about doing this with other Believers. I’ve heard people use expressions like, “anyone who can see through a ladder can see that!” What are they saying? Those who see things differently are stupid. I don’t know about you, but most of the people that I perceive to be more conservative than me are sincere, devout, are involved in conscientous studies of the Bible. Those that I perceive to be more liberal than me are the same. There are always exceptions, but I think most people of conviction arrived to their conclusions through study. The ones I admire most are those who can communicate their positions without rancor and the intimation that if I were as smart as they that I would come up with the same conclusions.

That’s one reason why I like blogs and e-mail discussion groups. It’s never wrong to ask a question and to toss the implications around as we consider the Scriptures. We should not be ashamed to come up with a conclusion that varies from the majority. Sometimes we may be right … other times we may be wrong. But in either case we have given our minds and hearts to the study of God’s word and have been strengthened.

Looking at some brotherhood publications … we can be as guilty as politicians when it comes to making mistakes and being crucified in the press. A humble answer is best. Often pride pushes us into war. We need to stop digging!

That’s a rare political commentary on Out Here Hope Remains! I just couldn’t resist. Tune in late tonight for a regular post submission!


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