Movie Review: MIRRORS

MIRRORS stars Keifer Sutherland (24) in a horror/thriller that takes place in the charred remains of an elaborate shopping store that, coincidentally, used to be a hospital. The movie begins with a way too gory suicide of a night watchman assigned to keep vigil at this giant creepy looking building. Keifer Sutherland plays the role of the new night watchman, a New York City detective who suffers from depression after killing a man in the line of duty. Without giving away any more of the plot, the movie follows Sutherland’s discovery of the unusual happenings in the deserted building. The suspense intensifies as his family is threatened and he begins to put together the hidden history of the building. The Jack-Baur-like ending is not so much predictable as it is boring. MIRRORS leaves enough open questions for a sequel if the ticket sales suggest that there is more money to be made. Hopefully moviegoers will be spared such an enterprise.

Is it scary? Well, there are a few “jump scenes” that surprise. And I will have to admit some tense moments late in the movie involving Sutherland’s movie family. However, the story is such a stretch that one has a hard time being scared. Most of the tired scary movie cliches are exercised here, including the main character daring to do what most normal people would walk away from.

For the record, I do not like gore … to me that is not scary … it is just yucky. Yes, I did jump out of my seat several times 28 years ago when  Friday the 13th and four years later when A Nightmare on Elm Street made me shiver. Though these were followed by sequels that should have never been made, their originals had a twisty scary storyline. As I’ve grown older the violence bothers me more than it did when I was young.

I do appreciate a great suspense movie. I have been waiting for the next movie along the lines of THE OTHERS . Where are the movies that not only have a great twist at the end, but a twist that changes the entire movie? Most notably we might recall The Sixth Sense. Who didn’t catch their breath when that wedding ring rolled across the floor near the end? I guess M. Night Shyamalan is waiting for another movie like Sixth Sense himself … he can’t seem to direct another one. I think MIRRORS was trying for that kind of surprise ending, but there was more relief that the movie was over than there was interest in the ending itself.

MIRRORS is directed by Alexandre Aja who directed such classics as Piranha 3D (coming out next year unless we are providentially spared), and The Hills Have Eyes. That should be clue enough about whether or not you’ll want to see this movie.

In all, I’ve seen movies that were more boring and pointless. I’ve watched worse plots that were more implausible. I’ve seen other well known actors who made movies that were less interesting. So it wasn’t THAT bad … it just wasn’t THAT good.

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