Movie Review – Get Low


Thanks to the virtues of Facebook, some friends of mine were telling about a great movie that they had been to see. Get Low (official website HERE) is the story of Felix Bush, a depression-era recluse about whom many legends had been spread. Over the course of being a hermit for 40 years, stories spread about the wild and unpredictable man that had a killer instinct and a hateful spirit. Children would sneak up to his place and throw rocks through the windows. Whenever he happened to come to town, people would stare and taunt him.

After a friend of his passes away, Mr. Bush decides that he would like to plan his funeral – and attend it. Knowing that there are many tales about him, he invites everyone to come to the funeral and tell their stories about him. While watching this movie, viewers are on the edge of their seat to hear THE story, the true one. And we will wonder until the end if he will tell it himself, or if someone else will have to do it for him.

Robert Duvall is incredible, which is to be expected. His character is at once sullen and engaging. Sissy Spacek is not just an actress, but an artist. Her portrayal of a character with some long lost connection to Felix bush carries the mystery further. But the surprise of the film is Bill Murray’s character, Frank Quinn, the funeral home director who is to see that Felix’ funeral party takes place. Murray’s well known comedic timing has one waiting for the wry one-liners or goofy slapstick – but he rises above both.  You will recognize other character actors in the movie as well.

The themes of this movie run deep along with the human experience. The power of a secret, the destruction of guilt and shame, and the strengthening force of friendship. There is also the struggle with God and the question of what He wants from us.

I’m so glad my friends Brian and Amanda recommended this movie to us…and that we were able to see it. You know, while looking at the other movies available, it was certainly a great choice. We could have seen Stallone re-do his Rambo bit with a different name and mission. There are at least two movies about teens – one in which teens become known for their sexual looseness, and the other in which teens attempt to capture the loss of their virginity on video. (If we don’t think Satan is after our young people, we’re crazy!).  Then there are two movies about professional thieves. One features a used-to-be, and the other features someone who never-quite-was. I’ll let you decide. Among all the “choices” … Get Low soars far above them. Truly, though, on it’s own it is a great film.

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